October 17, 2021

The Barcelona president admitted that he wanted Messi to play for free

FC Barcelona president Juan Laporta has made some sensational claims about what happened in the weeks before Lionel Messi left the club. He says Argentina was barred from staying with his boyhood club because he already had an offer from Paris Saint-Germain at the table.

Everyone knows that Messi’s contract expires on June 30, and Lipporta was claiming at the time that everything was under control and that the contract was being renewed. As it turns out, he was actually waiting for the former captain to make a somewhat incredible offer.

“I thought I was doing the best thing for Barcelona. I was hoping for a change and he would say he would play for free, but we can’t expect a player of his level to do that. ۔ ” An interview quoted. Brand

It is to be noted that Messi had already agreed to a massive pay cut, which is believed to have led to a 50 per cent reduction in his salary. However, Lipporta expected the player to concede even more. He then expressed his displeasure that Argentina was affected by a better financial package offered by Lego One Giants.