October 27, 2021

The Barcelona manager humiliated Peck, angering the fans.

FC Barcelona fans are looking for a new leader on the pitch after the surprise departure of Lionel Messi this summer. In addition to captain Sergio Biscuits, veteran forward Gerard Pique has proved popular with fans. As a result, manager Ronald Koeman’s decision to end it earlier this week against Benfica in the Champions League did not go down well with the Coolers.

Pique is rallying Barcelona’s loyalists both on and off the pitch, despite the club’s troubling situation. He was well-received by fans after being one of the first earners to agree to a massive pay cut before the start of the season. The move allowed the club to free up enough space in their pay cap to register new signatures.

Spain has become a central figure in the international club, which is why he suffered a setback when he was removed from the pitch just half an hour later on Wednesday against Benfica. He was not forced out due to injury, and fans see the alternative as an insult to the defender.