September 22, 2021

The Barcelona director confirmed the need for a double transfer deal

Barcelona president John Laporta and football director Matthew Almani have confirmed that the club is looking to find new clubs this summer for Miralim Pajinic and Samuel Eto’o. The pair are not part of manager Ronald Koman’s plans to move to the 2021-22 campaign after last season’s struggles.

In addition, the Catalan giants are anxious to reduce their wages Selling Pejink and Amity will go a long way By reducing their spending, Barcelona will also be able to earn money from their transfer with the two players who are currently on their own deals for more than a year.

“Both have very important careers, but they didn’t have much time to play last season,” Alimini said during the new Barcelona presentation, which was signed by Barcelona’s Memphis Depot. As mentioned in Football Italy.

“We know the situation and we are looking at the possibility of finding another club. They are interested in finding a team where they can play more regularly.”

Pejnik was the most regular of the two players in the first-team squad last season, having made 30 appearances in all competitions. But the Bosnian midfielder failed to score a single goal or assist in most of the performances by the bench.

The 31-year-old became interested in clubs In England and Italy, returning to Serie A with a midfielder preference, Inter Milan and AS Roma have all shown interest, but they are struggling financially to meet their current Barcelona wage.

With a loan deal for Paganik likely to move forward this summer, clubs have the option to make a permanent exchange in 2022. In addition to the Serie A big guns, Premier League organizations Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal were also linked to the move for the former Juventus star.

Coming to Amity, the French international made just 16 appearances in all competitions last season. In addition to struggling with a knee injury at the start of the campaign, the defender spent a lot of time on the bench and is unlikely to be replaced next season.

The 27-year-old defender, who has been in demand in the past, has not attracted much interest from top clubs across Europe. Amity’s injury remains a stumbling block when it comes to top clubs considering a move for the Frenchman.

Miralium Panjak
Bosnian midfielder Miralim Paganik arrives at the Continasa training ground of Juventus
Marco Bertorillo / AFP

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