September 17, 2021

The Barcelona defender has accepted a pay cut and an extension.

Sergei Roberto is the latest FC Barcelona player to agree to a reduction in his salary to help the club overcome its financial crisis. In addition to accepting pay cuts, Phil Beck is reportedly ready to sign a new two-year extension with the Catalan giants.

Earlier this week, co-captain Gerard Pique confirmed that he had accepted a 50 per cent pay cut to ensure the club could register new signatories Memphis DePa and Eric Garcia before Barcelona signed their He will face Real Sociedad in the opening game of the La Liga season.

At the time, Peck said his other fellow captains were also willing to accept lower salaries, contrary to previous reports. A few days later, Sergei Roberto, 29, appears to be the next player to sign his contract with the club. However, the exact details of his pay cut have not yet been revealed.