September 28, 2021

The Barcelona chief confirmed that a forward transfer could take place despite the agreement by 2024

Barcelona president John Laporta has confirmed that Antonin Griezmann may leave the club, but has admitted that he will take a special offer for a prize away from Camp Nou this summer.

France International has been linked with a move away from the club Talks of a possible return to Atletico Madrid have intensified. It was also said of Barcelona that they wanted to find a new home as soon as they appeared Reduce their wages drastically, Which will allow him to re-sign Lionel Messi.

However, Lipporta has changed his tune a bit, suggesting that Griezmann still has a key role to play in Barcelona, ​​while refusing to confirm that he is out of the transfer window at Catalan. Will stay with the giants.

“Griezmann is a Barca player, he has a contract with the club until 2024 and until the situation changes, we are trusting him,” Lipporta said in a presentation to the Memphis Depot on Wednesday. As reported by ESPN.

“There has been some movement in the market and we cannot deny that there has been interest in it. It is a sign of its quality. It is not easy for a club to offer a player at that level. But the transfer window. Starting now and there is a market for avoidance men.

He added: “If things start to move, we are open to all suggestions because we are at a critical juncture financially and we need a balance in the books to comply with the league’s rules of financial fair play. You have to keep it. “

The 30-year-old forward joined Barcelona from Atletico in 2019 in a deal worth over 100 100 million. It will take a lot of offers to lure the Frenchman away from La Liga clubs, but his uncertain financial situation could help interested clubs.

In addition to the proposed exchange deal with the incumbent La Liga championsGriezmann is also interested in Paris Saint-Germain clubs in England and France. The 2018 World Cup winner has made it clear that he will not receive a pay cut if he leaves Barcelona this summer, and there are very few clubs around Europe that can do this in the current financial climate. 21 21.3 million per season.

Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann’s goal gave France a 1-1 draw with Hungary in Wednesday’s quest
Bernadette SZABO / Pool

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