October 18, 2021

The Barcelona captain wants to stop complaining and continue working.

After a similar message was shared by both Barcelona president Juan Laporta and manager Ronald Koeman, first-team captain Gerard Pique is the club’s latest figure to ask for patience, unity and co-operation from fans.

Barcelona have failed to win three consecutive matches in La Liga on Thursday after being drawn by Cadiz. Earlier, they suffered a 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League before a draw against Grenada over the weekend.

This is a very poor run for a club like Barcelona, ​​and the fans are not ashamed to express their frustration. Even at Camp Nine, players are often kissed and whistled. After last night’s draw against the Cadiz, Peck talked about the situation and, like Lipporta and Queiman, urged fans to follow the players.

“Everyone wants to win. There are many ways to deal with it. We can all complain or we can work. The players are here to work,” he said before reassuring fans. The rest of the squad is determined to play for victories and titles

“I don’t wear a Barcelona shirt, I’m second or third,” he said. I am here to compete for trophies.

The Spaniard also cleared up a supposed feud between Lipporta and Queens, who have been throwing daggers at each other through the media in recent weeks. He said he was not taking sides, pointing out that everyone had the same goal, including Liporta and Cuiman.