September 18, 2021

The Barcelona captain is facing controversy over surfing photos.

FC Barcelona captain Gerard Pique was trying to enjoy a short break with his family, but now he finds himself embroiled in a minor dispute over photos taken from the trip.

The guard and his wife, pop superstar Shakira, were surfing with their children over the weekend. He was spotted by reporters during a tour of Cantabria, where members of the football team allegedly tried to delete the photos and prevent them from being published.

According to Diario Montaigne.The Pique family was out with a large group of people. Despite the group’s efforts to prevent the photo from coming out, the publication went ahead and released the photos.

There is a small controversy over how Puck’s camp behaved when they tried to get the photographer to delete the photo. Details of the incident are rare, and it remains to be seen whether Pack will take legal action for publishing the photo.