September 17, 2021

The Australian couple was caught having sex on a mountain cliff in broad daylight.

In the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW), a couple was allegedly caught on camera having public sex on a rock in the midst of a recently implemented statewide lockdown.

A photo uploaded to member Scott Robinson’s Bondi Local Loop Facebook group shows the naked couple engaging in sexual activity at 8:15 a.m. as people walk up the cliffs in the background. Is informed.

According to the outlet, Robinson’s caption read, “See the wildlife in the surrounding water but never on the rocks.”

The photographer claimed to have seen the couple trying to get some fresh air, adding that the two were “deep” in the morning.

“I took a picture from the water this morning while swimming from Bondi to Tamrama,” Robinson told the outlet.

“I just thought it was a little lenient in terms of time and new restrictions,” he said.

Robinson, in the caption, jokingly wondered whether the couple’s act was considered “outdoor recreation or outdoor exercise”, citing Australia’s renewed lockdown restrictions that allow NSW residents to enter their public areas. Prohibits quitting a report by “exercise” or other necessary activities New York Post

The NSW was forced to enter an immediate statewide lockdown last week after 466 cases were reported in 19 cases and four deaths, before 478 cases of the epidemic and eight deaths were reported on Monday. The state record was higher daily.

The state announced an increase in fines up to AUD (5,000 (6 3,660) for violations of health protocols, increased police presence and a regional entry permit system under enforced lockdown.

Robinson’s social media post was later removed by the Bondi Local Loop Group, but before some members commented on the situation.

“Yes, it’s cardio and it also improves your mental health,” joked one group member.

Another wrote, “Holy shit. The people above had no idea what they were missing out on.”

It was not clear if the naked couple violated the NSW quarantine protocol.

Bondi Beach
While the city center was virtually deserted, large numbers of surfers and swimmers hit the water on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Photo: AFP / Steven Seyfour

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