October 20, 2021

The Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar is on sale this weekend – how to pre-order.

Amazon is releasing one. Beauty Advent Calendar In preparation for the holiday season this weekend.

it can be Pre-order now Before the official release on Sunday, October 3, 2021.

The calendar is selling at £ 70 and it comes with free standard delivery and free delivery the next day to non-standard users Prime members..

What’s in it?

This great value of mini calendar contains 24 premium beauty items at an RRP of over 200 premium. You just on it. You can get your hands on 70..

See the full list of products below.

3INA Color Pen Eyeliner 759. 1.2ml (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 13.44.

Elimes Pro Collagen Marine Cream. 15 ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: £ 30.

Fario Luna Play Money. One size (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 74.25.

NIVEA MicellAIR Skin micelle breathes water. 100 ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: 50 1.50 (200ml)

L’Occitane Almond Delicious hand and nail cream 10 ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: £ 8 (30ml)

Nail Yard Aromatic Foaming Bath. 100 ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: £ 15 (200ml)

Elf Liquid Glossy Eye Shadow 3 ml (full size)

Shoes RRP: £ 6.

Glasgow Times: Credit: Amazon.Credit: Amazon.

Maui Moisture Aloe Vera and Shea Butter Shampoo. 100 ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: £ 9 (385ml)

3INA eye primer. 10 ml (full size)

Amazon RRP: .9 12.95.

Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask. 4G (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 7.50.

Max Factor Cream Puff Stunning Matte Blush. 1.5 g (full size)

Amazon RRP: 70 8.70.

CeraVe Reparative Hand Cream 50 ml (full size)

Amazon RRP 99 5.99.

Nails in Santa Monica Beach. 14 ml (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 8.

It works Stress Check Mode Manager. 35 ml (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 15.

Bioré Clear and bright Yuzo Lemon + Papaya AHA Clean Mask. 50 ml (full size) – The scent received may vary.

Amazon RRP: £ 6.99.

Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Bodywash. 100 ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: 75 5.75 (400ml)

Original technique 2-in-1 miracle mixing sponge One size (full size).) (Sponge received may be different)

Amazon RRP: £ 6.99.

Elizabeth Arden Prevaj Anti-Aging + Deep Repair Daily Serum. 5ml (deluxe sample)

Amazon RRP: ml for 170 ml.

John Freda Luxury Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion Spray. 25ml (deluxe sample)

Shoes RRP: 99 1.99.

3INA Moisturizing Primer. 30 ml (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 13.9.

got2b powder full volumelizing styling powder. 10 g (deluxe sample)

Boot RRP: £ 4.29.

Nails Inc Tate 14 ml (full size)

Nails Inc RRP: £ 15.

Belle Brightening Hydrogel, Drip Free Eye Mask. 1 mask (the mask received may vary)

Amazon RRP: £ 4.99.

ACOS Repair Hair Mask Treatment Shot. 20 ml (full size)

Amazon RRP: £ 3.99.

You can see the full list of products on Amazon website.

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