October 18, 2021

The A&E doctor who stabbed the nurse and assaulted police has been suspended for another seven months

An A&E doctor who stabbed a nurse and assaulted police, which extended his suspension for another seven months in a fit of rage.

Dr. Karen Clark says she was addicted to alcohol when she assaulted four nurses on duty after being taken to hospital for treatment.

Dr. Karen Clark has been suspended for another seven months.


Dr. Karen Clark has been suspended for another seven months.Credit: Presstim.
Clark attacked four nurses during treatment.


Clark attacked four nurses during treatment.Credit: Presstim.

He punched one in the head, kicked the other, dug his nails into the third’s arm and pushed the fourth. Glasgow Live..

In separate incidents, the notorious doctor was caught attacking doctors and was once found drunk behind the wheel of his car.

She has also been caught with cocaine and has spent time behind bars twice.

Clark has been suspended from practicing by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) since 2016 but was given a hearing earlier this month.

Experts said Clark was unable to return to his job and served with an additional seven-month suspension.

In his ruling, MPPS panel chair David Europeth said: “The tribunal felt that the consequences were so serious that action was needed. [and] That the suspension period will serve an important purpose as it will protect patients and the public.

He said he hoped the suspension would allow Clark to “keep pace with his progress and is the shortest suspension allowed”.

Clark accepted the decision and said he regretted his action. When its latest suspension expires, it faces another review.

She was a senior registrar in the A&E department at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary when her life got out of hand.

In July 2014, he confessed to assaulting four nurses and police during separate incidents and spent nine months in prison the following year.

In November 2017, she was sent back to prison for violating community payback orders for burglary and burglary, and was told by a local sheriff that she would die if she did not solve her alcohol problem. ۔

The incident involving the four nurses took place at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland.

The incident took place at Glasgow's Crosshouse Hospital.


The incident took place at Glasgow’s Crosshouse Hospital.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

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