The 95-year-old queen will “only cancel ONE appointment” after contracting Covid and is “determined to continue” to work as usual.

The Queen will allegedly only cancel ONE appointment after contracting Covid as she “intends to continue” to work as normal.

The 95-year-old man is in isolation and under 24-hour surveillance at Windsor.


Sources say the queen is determined to keep working

It is likely that only one in-person event will be canceled as the Queen is said to want to continue her online appointments this week.

Hours after her major tested positive, she signed a statement welcoming the Olympic medal-winning UK curling team.

Yesterday, when the nation wished her a speedy recovery, Her Majesty had mild symptoms.

She returned her positive result during a routine morning test.

The monarch is in isolation and will be under round-the-clock medical supervision.

Palace sources said the triple-hit queen is doing “light duties” and will be “working from home”.

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She is said to be “determined to continue” and expects to fulfill her obligations later this week.

An outbreak of Covid-19 was detected in staff at Windsor Castle on Friday.

The palace did not confirm yesterday how many of them were sick, but it is thought to be enough to make a difference.

The sources added that aides are not currently “overly concerned” with the Queen, but are aware of the dangers Covid poses to a woman her age.

Prince Charles, 73, and his wife Camilla, 74, have tested positive in the last two weeks.

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Palace sources say it is unlikely that the Queen contracted Covid from them.

It is understood that Prince Andrew, 62, who was at the castle every night last week, does not have the virus.

A royal source said: “There are procedures, but there has been a wave of cases in Windsor among household staff.

“The Queen has mild symptoms of a cold and plans to take on light duties. She is determined to continue.”

Sources emphasize that video calls and scheduled meetings remain in the diary.

But it is unlikely that face-to-face meetings will continue at the present time.

A positive PCR test result has raised new concerns about Her Majesty’s health after Prince Charles raised her Covid concerns almost two weeks ago.

He tested positive two days after they had afternoon tea at Windsor Castle. A few days later, Camille was also diagnosed with the virus.


A spokesman for Buckingham Palace broke the news of the Queen’s diagnosis at 11:45 a.m.

He added: “She will continue to receive medical care and will follow all relevant guidelines.”

In an attempt to emphasize that the Queen was only suffering from mild symptoms, the Palace then released a statement “signed” by her to celebrate Team Great Britain’s gold and silver medals in curling at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

She wrote: “I know your local communities and people across the UK will join me in sending our well wishes to you, your coaches, friends and family who have supported you in your great success.”

Royal expert Angela Levin said: “This is a very worrying time because you don’t know what might happen and when.

“You don’t want to completely isolate her. She needs contact with people – she has done this since she ascended the throne.


“It would make her sad and think negative things because that’s what you do when you’re alone for a long time.”

Commentator Alastair Bruce said the news was “worrisome” but that the queen was well taken care of and “a fighter”.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson said: “The Queen turns 96 in April and Covid of course, whether or not you’ve been vaccinated three times like Her Majesty, it still has an impact, especially on the elderly.

“There is no doubt that the Prince of Wales and his family will be disturbed by this development and will not be complacent.”


Ingrid Seward, Editor-in-Chief of Majesty Magazine, said: “The Queen is incredibly resilient and belongs to a different generation. Everyone who grew up in the war hates this kind of fuss.

“She would not like the idea of ​​publicly admitting that she has Covid. But she understands that this is how it should be.

“She is probably much more concerned that Russia might invade Ukraine.

“She will be determined that nothing will stop her from making it through this platinum anniversary and if she has to stay at Windsor Castle through a new bubble for the next ten days, so be it.

“She’s probably almost relieved that she now has it and can handle it and keep going about her business.”

The outburst at the castle came after Her Majesty remembered her best reception for changing defense ministers in the Oak Room at Windsor.

Using a cane for balance, she was filmed saying, “I’m here” and complaining, “As you can see, I can’t move.”

The Queen is fully committed to completing three major tasks next month.

In two weeks she is to host a dinner for diplomats at Windsor Castle.

She is then due to attend a Commonwealth Day ceremony at Westminster Abbey on March 14.


The Queen also wants to be with her family at the abbey for a service of thanksgiving for her late husband Prince Philip on March 29.

He died at the age of 99 last April.

She is then expected to be at the center of her four-day platinum anniversary party in June.

Yesterday’s health hit comes four months after The Sun reported that the Queen spent the night in the hospital for a “preliminary investigation”.

She returned to work this month – just days after celebrating her 70th birthday on the throne by spending her Accession Day in Sandringham, Norfolk.

TV stars were among those who sent “get well” wishes yesterday.

Sun columnist Piers Morgan tweeted: “Wishing Her Majesty the Queen a full and speedy recovery from COVID-19. The concern that any 95 year old could contract this virus and a very worrying time for Britain when this is our monarch. Good luck, ma’am.

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker also wished her a “full and speedy recovery.”

The Duchess of Cambridge will still fly to Copenhagen tomorrow on a two-day solo child development work trip despite concerns about the Queen’s health, Kensington Palace said.

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