September 22, 2021

The 36-year-old model entered the animal wall for a photo shoot and then entered through a leopard.

A 36-year-old model was bitten by a leopard on Tuesday during a photo shoot in Germany.

The woman, identified as Jessica Ledolph, had voluntarily entered the wall of two leopards at a retirement home for show animals on a private property in Saxony-Anhalt, the state. Ledolph, who described himself as an animal lover, suffered severe head injuries inside the wall. FBC News Is informed.

“It [the leopard] She was constantly biting my cheeks, my ears, my head. Blood

Lidolph was airlifted to hospital after the incident, and an operation was performed that was successful. However, according to local media, signs of attack on the model will remain.

Earlier, it was reported that the leopard had escaped from the cage and was on the run. However, Bergenland District spokesman Steven Mرller later clarified that these were false reports.

“The animal has never erupted. There is currently no threat to the population,” said Mرller Ahrag. He added that the incident was being investigated. It is not clear who arranged the photo shoot or who was filming Ledolph.

The property owner has been identified as Bridget Stitch, 48. About 135 animals live in the facility, which was mostly booked for the photo shoot. Local media reported that another leopard, Troja and Paris, was once part of a Panasonic ad before they moved into a retirement home.

Authorities reportedly said they were investigating the animal owner on suspicion of bodily harm. The public health officer visited the compound on Wednesday to see if the animals were properly cared for and if the facility met regulatory standards. The state of Saxony-Anhalt allows people to keep large cats “in certain circumstances.”

According to Relevant institution, The animal handler has been owned by Leopard since 2019. He worked for 20 years as an animal trainer for circuses and amusement parks. The identity of the animal’s handler has not been revealed.

Police are investigating who else was present at the photo shoot and security precautions were taken.

Representation A leopard Photo: Pixabay

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