September 28, 2021

Thai King’s Firebrand supporter explains why he is protesting.

Tant “Net” Thanikatmanoy, an ultra-royal who became a popular figure in pro-monarchy protests during the 2014 uprising as he appeared in his supercars, has now become a supporter of the anti-government movement that has recently taken place. ۔ It is gaining momentum all over the country.

Thanikatmanuye has once again taken to the streets, but unlike last time, he is now demanding the removal of Prayut Chen Oocha, who led the uprising in 2014 and was elected prime minister in 2019. The soldier explained his change of heart. Reuters“It’s bad to see an incompetent prime minister for your mental health,” said the 29-year-old.

Net began to oppose the government in part because of his frustration with dealing with the latest outbreak of the widely criticized Corona virus, which has so far killed 11,841 people in the country. He is also calling for reforms in the monarchy and the removal of the Lease Majesty Act, which prevents criticism of the monarchy. Going against the king could mean up to 15 years in prison and has been used mostly against young protest leaders.

During a protest last month, Net was permanently blinded in his right eye after hitting a tear gas canister. After losing his eye, he wears a black band with three white spots marked on it, representing the “Hunger Games” adopted by pro-democracy activists.

“We have to do what we have to do,” he said.

Net is a member of the Thai elite, widely known as the “High Society”. He is the son of cartoonist and famed Mughal Narut Tananochitkul. Educated at a British private school, he enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle with his supercars and other luxuries, celebrities and even his own rock band. He later graduated from Cholalong Corn University, and joined the family business to look after three major companies.

However, Nate insisted that “everyone suffers from a lack of democracy, no matter how much their income changes.” He said that now he has cut himself off from his family and has invaded the stock market and corrupt currencies.

Although he still appears in demonstrations with a bodyguard and a secretary in his Range Rover, the young workers appreciate his participation and believe it will help their mobility.

“It surprised us at first, but we thought it would be very useful to join us because it has paved the way for others,” student activist Songpon “Yajai” Sontherk told the agency.

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn and Queen Sotheda.
Thai King Maha Wajiralongkorn and Queen Sotheda greet supporters as they leave the palace Photo: AFP / Jack Taylor

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