September 20, 2021

Tesco Club Card members issued a warning in September about changing vouchers.

Tesco Has issued a warning. Club card users. That thousands of vouchers are now out.

Last week, consumers from the supermarket chain were urged to act quickly as vouchers expire in February, with only one week’s shelf life remaining.

Earlier this year, Club Card users could extend their vouchers for an additional six months from February to August due to epidemics.

Now, thousands of people who had not paid their vouchers before the August 31 deadline, their vouchers have now expired.

For those whose vouchers expire in May this year, their shopping vouchers can use them until November.

What is a Tesco Club Card?

The Supermarket Loyalty Program was first launched in 1995 and attracted about 5.5 million customers in its first year.

In 2017, the card was moved to Contactless and EasyFob was introduced – now more than 19 million users in the UK are saving their money.

The Club Card Scheme is a supermarket loyalty card – now also in the form of an app – that allows shoppers to earn points while spending in stores.

They are then transferred to a voucher, depending on how many points the supermarket has earned.

How does the Tesco Club Card work?

Customers need a minimum of 150 points to be eligible for a voucher, which would be worth 1. 1.50 to spend at Tesco.

Or, points can be saved and exchanged for rewards at restaurants, attractions and shops.

Use Tesco Club Cards in Pizza Express, Bella Italia and more.

In some cases, the total number of points can be tripled – 15 points with 500 points.

Examples of places where this is possible include restaurant chains such as Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express, Prezo and Zizzi.

Through the app, there’s an option to see how many points you can exchange or trade for vouchers – which are usually processed within 24 hours.

Or you can print vouchers or use them online immediately.

If your expiration date is approaching, but you don’t want to spend it yet, there is a way to extend it.

Quickly convert your coupons into vouchers and they will continue for 21 months from the date you change your voucher.

This means you can get an additional 21 months of use after a two-year normal date.

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