October 18, 2021

Terrorist Abdul Salam is not happy with his case!

“We are being treated like dogs,” shouted Salah Abdel Salam, the only survivor of the November 13 commandos, in a Paris courtroom.

The first day of the Paris Special Court hearing, which examined twenty defendants, authors or colleagues of the November 13, 2015 attacks, in which 130 people were killed and several hundred injured, opened with great tension on September 8, 2021. ۔ the environment
All eyes are on the main defendant, Salah Abdel Salam, a Moroccan Frenchman, the only surviving of the three commandos, who has just met with his lawyers, Olivia Ronan and Martin Waits.
President Jean-Louis Perez asked defendants to identify themselves. The first, alphabetically, is Abdul Salam who speaks:
First of all, I want to testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Prophet.
To which the President briefly said:

– Yes, we will see it during the discussions. Can you verify your parents’ names?
My parents have nothing to do with it, “the accused replied.
The President asked, “What was your occupation before you were arrested?”
I gave up any profession to become a fighter for the Islamic State.
“Ah, I made an interim note,” says President Perez.
– What is your address? The President explains before your arrest.
– I don’t have an address anymore, “said the accused (placed in Fleury-Morgues).
The co-defendants are being interrogated when one of them, Farid Kharkhch, falls ill. The hearing was adjourned. When the hearing resumed, Salah Abdul Salam took the floor and shouted:
You’re right, here, you have flat screens, you have air conditioning, but we are like dogs. I have been treated like a dog for six years. I never complained, because I know I will be resurrected, and you will be held accountable.
The President resumed:
-Mr. Abdul Salam, we are here on another register, we are not in a church court, but in a democratic court.
The hearing is ongoing. This should continue for several months.

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