September 20, 2021

Teachers are afraid to return to the classroom.

Neutral teachers are afraid to return to the classroom – because summer breaks have affected student routines.

Discipline will be affected during the holidays, which will lead to anxiety in the classroom when the children return.

Teachers are worried about getting back to work - because discipline will be lost over the summer break, a survey has found.


Teachers are worried about getting back to work – because discipline will be lost over the summer break, a survey has found.Credit: Getty

Six out of 10 teachers say they are worried about going back to work.

Many young people will sleep less in the summer. A study of a thousand teachers found that other people, sadly, would not have enough to eat.

One in three teachers thinks it will take a whole week for students to return to learning.

To help, Kellogg’s is running ‘Back to School Breakfast Club’ trials to reduce migration.

The pilot will allow schools to serve breakfast to all children after the holidays so that students are ready to settle more quickly.

Trials will take place in Derby, EBW Wells, Wales, Bolton, Stockport and London.

If the tests are successful, the scheme could be extended to more schools.

Peter Cancel of the National Association of Primary Education said: “This year, with all the obstacles to children’s lives and learning, it is a great step by Kellogg.

“It will highlight the importance of children not starving before the start of the school day and will help them focus more easily and enjoy learning.”

“Teachers often report how overcrowded children are when they start the day with good food.

“The atmosphere of the breakfast club fills them with daylight.”

When asked what made the biggest difference in student behavior during the holidays, 67 percent said they lacked discipline, while nearly half said 49 percent said they lacked sleep.

Another 22% said not having enough to eat was a big factor.

A quarter of teachers surveyed said that in the first week, more than an hour of daily education is wasted.

Children’s Seattle ‘after a good meal’

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time, with almost one-third – 31% – of teachers experiencing increasing sleep deprivation since the onset of the crisis.

Chris Silcock, managing director of Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, said: “This research emphasizes the benefits of breakfast clubs, especially during the first week of school.

“They provide the essential fuel that children need to help them focus and get back to normal.

“Kellogg is investing more this year in supporting school breakfast clubs through our grants program and charity partnership.”

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