September 21, 2021

Tanya Reynolds of Sex Education is taboo and calling schools.

Sex educationLily is next to Aglihart. Silver Wig, a black and red rubber dress with Regina George style bob cutout, a thick metal belt, on point silver Eye shadow, And high silver of the thigh. Shoes. She reminds me of Cleopatra, if Cleopatra was a sexy stranger. His girlfriend Ola Neiman (Patricia Allison) – out of this world (literally) dressed in a heavy metal dress – jumps on top of him. They start kissing. There are about 40 seconds in the third season of. Sex education, And already, you can tell that this is going to be a big series for Tanya Reynolds. Tanya, 29, played Lily – a Mordel High student who spent a very horny season 1 trying to lose her virginity, then in season 2, began dating Ola – who Draws fiction and role-playing as his characters.

Zooming into each other’s homes – “I was just admiring it. Honestly, it sounds great! Tanya says sweetly, while I apologize for the background of my embarrassing filthy bedroom – she tells me that these are spacious caspale outfits that surprisingly make Lily an easy character to play. Are

“The thing is, I find it very difficult to play. Sexy“And when Lily is playing her gleanixie role, she’s the sexiest creature ever,” she says. So when she’s playing her sexy role, she’s doing it with confidence, and I find that hard to gain confidence. But it’s the costumes that really take the edge off.

Here, Tanya shares her beliefs about the importance of taboo TV, why sex education in UK schools needs a major overhaul اور and how we should all be prepared Halloween this year…

What is one of the highlights of Sex Education Season 3 that you will never forget?

It was a great day when we were filming the school tour, which takes place in France in the show, but we were actually filming in Kent. These were just beautiful rolling hills. I have videos on my phone of Channy and Trish walking down the hills like we were into music – it was just a really, really funny day.

Another highlight was filming with Sophie Thompson, who played my mother, because I had wanted to see Lily’s mother for three years, and she did not disappoint. Sophie is a great actress I have admired for so long, so working with her was just beautiful. And, I mean, I’m a sucker for a mentor, so whenever I’ve been around an actor I’ve had respect for a long time. I just want to be around them and their wisdom. Want to absorb!

Lily is eccentric and experimental, and we’re not used to seeing characters like her on screen. What is it like to play a role that challenges principles?

It’s a great honor to play someone like Lily. Three years ago, when I first read his scenes, I not only thought he was the funniest character I’ve ever read, but he’s amazingly extraordinary. It’s rare to read characters like that, and it’s fun to play someone out of the box. As an actor, it’s important to know who you’re playing with – even if they’re terrible villains, you have to understand them, understand where they came from, and you have to be with them.

So it’s incredible to play someone who not only I love, but who impresses me. I want to take pieces of lilies and put them in my life and in my body.

What is it about Lily that impresses you?

He is very intelligent, creative and focused on his work. He has created these other worlds and universes that are very detailed, and I really appreciate that drive – and his confidence in it. Like, she knows how talented she is, and she knows how special she is. I’d just like to trust that.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have as much confidence as a 16 year old girl. It’s great to see young women on screen who are confident, capable and comfortable.

That’s exactly it. I was just the opposite, as I was not at all selfish, or not at all confident, not as focused. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, she focuses too much on her thing, and that’s where she puts all her energy. It’s not until the third season that you see it shake a little from your place in the opinion of others. While as a teenager اور and still as an adult میں I am very self-conscious.

Lily and Ola’s relationship is about dealing with taboo and opening up conversations around sex, why do you think it’s so important to see it on screen?

Because many of us get our education from the art we use – the books we read. TV shows, dramas and movies that we watch. Like Lily’s vaginal experience in season two, I didn’t even know what it was until the show. And I know a lot of young women who had the same experience watching this show and finally understanding what a vagina is. Now, everyone I talk to has some experience, and like me, I suddenly realized that it’s not just this ‘weird weird thing’ – it’s actually really normal.

Especially after most of us receive sex education in school – you know, putting a banana on a condom and avoiding pregnancy at all costs!

Literally. The girls at my school were taken to a separate room and told about the periods. The boys were completely out of the conversation. At a place where a dear friend of mine who is my age, a few years ago, I was actually asked some basic questions about menstruation. I was like, ‘How come you don’t know that ?!’ This is because boys are not taught about period in school, but when I think about my experience of sex education in school, it was all about ejaculation. We learn a lot about semen, but we are never taught about female ejaculation or anything crazy that goes inside a woman’s body – it’s all about pregnancy.

And there’s never a debate about happiness – especially for women – or sexual confidence, which is great to see in Lily’s character. She is very confident in her sexual power.

It’s amazing that she knows what she wants – or she doesn’t, and she’s just figuring it out, and that’s fine too. Also, we need to see more people. Wrong. There’s a lot of pressure – especially with social media – to be your fully formed, perfect version, and I think it’s hard to put any kind of stain on us. We find it difficult to fail in any sense of the word, and in fact, being human does not mean that. We make mistakes, and we don’t know who we are all the time. We’re constantly trying to figure it out, we’re all constantly testing it, and I’d love it if we were easy on ourselves about our mistakes. That’s why it’s so important to see people on TV and in movies looking wrong.

Lily’s costumes are clearly incredible. If I could be dressed in any of Lily’s costumes for Halloween this year, which one should I choose?

There are so many! But definitely what you see at the beginning of season 3. I wish he had more screen time. So yes, take yourself to the diving store.

Sex Education Season 3 will be released on Netflix on September 17.

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