September 23, 2021

Tall Cross McWhite owners have been offered cash incentives to keep the Glasgow plant.

The Scottish Government has said it is ready to provide cash assistance to set up a McVity biscuit factory in Toll Cross.

The Glasgow MSP has called for funding for a new biscuit factory to house 500 McVeigh jobs in Glasgow.

During a debate in the Scottish Parliament, Paul Sweeney, Glasgow Labor MSP, said that while acknowledging the government’s efforts to set up an action group with trade unions that proposes a response to the closure, The back needs financial support. .

Glasgow Times:

The plan is to build a new state-of-the-art factory and lease it to the company.

He said: “Did the Scottish government explicitly ask Pladis in the negotiations to provide funding for the construction of the new factory?” If not, why not?

Pladis operates sales and lease back arrangements for its various sites in Chesapeake, High Vicombe and Carlisle. The claim that it is not open to this financing structure is unbelievable and does not stand up to scrutiny. We need more Scottish government.

“I urge it once again to finance the counter-proposal. Let’s save these jobs and not add McVeigh to the growing list of brands because Scotland lacks industrial strategy.

He added: “The closure is blamed on Turkish-owned multinational Pladis, which took control of McVeigh and the wider United Biscuit Group in 2014.

Secretary of the Treasury Kate Forbes outlined the measures that the Scottish Government had offered to finance.

Glasgow Times: Secretary of the Treasury Kate Forbes on Scotland's economic recovery in Hollywood on Wednesday ... Photo by Gordon Terrace Herald and Times. 2/6/21

He said: “We were ready to talk to Pladis about moving the trade proposal forward, but before the talks could begin, he confirmed his intentions.

He added: “I make it clear that the Prime Minister and I are very open about our desire to provide transparent and financial support if that means we will keep the Plades factory open.

“We have articulated this position in letters as well as in virtual, face-to-face conversations.

“Which would not be helpful to the workers or the negotiations would offer us a blank check without any firm commitment to keep the Pladis factory open.

“The fear is that whatever we offer will always be too little for a company that is determined to close the factory.”

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