September 22, 2021

Taliban step up search for Afghans to help US: UN

Despite not taking revenge on militants’ opponents, the Taliban are stepping up their search for people working with US and NATO forces, a UN secret document said.

The report – provided by UN risk assessment advisers and seen by AFP – says the group has “priority lists” of people it wants to arrest.

According to the document, those most at risk are those who played a key role in the Afghan army, police and intelligence units.

The report said the Taliban had been “targeted from house to house” by individuals they wanted to capture and their families.

It added that the militants were also screening people on the way to Kabul Airport and had set up checkpoints in major cities, including the capital and Jalalabad.

The document was written on Wednesday by the Norwegian Center for International Analysis, which provides intelligence to UN agencies.

Christian Neilman, the group’s executive director, told AFP: “They are targeting the families of those who refuse to give up and are prosecuting and punishing their families according to Sharia law. have been.”

“We expect the two men, who have previously served with NATO / US forces and their allies, to face torture and executions along with their families.

It would further jeopardize Western intelligence services, their networks, methods and their ability to counter the threats posed by the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorists, he added.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid (left) giving a press conference in a building where the Afghan government briefed the media Photo: AFP / Hoshang Hashmi

The Taliban are increasingly recruiting new informants to co-operate with the government and expanding their lists of targets by contacting mosques and money brokers, the report said.

It reprints an August 16 letter from the Taliban to an individual who worked in the Afghan government’s counterterrorism.

The letter asked the man to report to Taliban officials to “provide information on the nature of your work and your relationship with the British and Americans.”

“If you do not report to the commission, your family members will be arrested instead, and you are responsible. You and your family members will be treated according to Sharia. ۔ “

The Norwegian Center for Global Analysis also warns that if the Taliban criticize the militants, they could target or arrest other foreigners, including other Westerners or medical workers.

A UN spokesman declined to comment on the document.

The Taliban have resumed public relations since returning to power on Sunday, ending a resounding defeat for government forces when the United States and other foreign troops withdrew after 20 years of occupation.

In promises such as women’s rights and a comprehensive government, the militants have also promised a complete amnesty for all those working with the Western-backed elected Afghan government.

But the Afghan Taliban have not forgotten the ultra-conservative Islamic government of 1996-2001, when brutal punishments such as stoning for adultery were imposed.

Thousands have tried to flee the country since the Taliban took over, causing chaos at Kabul airport.

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