September 18, 2021

Swedish pop legends ABBA have announced their return after nearly four decades.

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Dissolved almost four decades later and swearing never to be together again, Swedish superstars ABBA announced on Thursday a musical comeback with a new album and a London show featuring them through digital avatars. The performance was presented.

Of the group Bijorn Alvius. And Benny Anderson “We’ve made a new album,” he said in a video presentation in London. ABBA“.

After winning Eurovision with “Waterloo” in 1974, Abba made several successful films in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Almost as famous for their top outfits as their music, the group sold more than 400 million albums in 50 years, despite splitting in 1982, and resisted all offers to work together again. -So far.

But on Thursday, Universal Music Group performed a new ABBA song at the top of London’s ArcelorMittal Tower, entitled “I Still Believe You.”

Then Elvis and Anderson appeared in person, both dressed in black.

Explaining the group’s return to the studio, Anderson said, “The album is in Cannes now, it’s done.”

“It’s been 40 years, or 39, it was like no time had passed. It was amazing,” he said.

“We’ve done as good as we can in our age.”

“Everything in our age has a certain depth,” Alvius said. “There’s a lot of experience for that, a lot of years, I hope people can feel it.”

“It’s the funniest thing you can do: write songs,” he added.

The album will be released on November 5, the musicians said.

Now pop stars such as Dancing Queen, “The Winner Takes It All” and “Take a Chance on Me”, new music was last recorded in 1980.

British radio presenter Zoe Ball, who hosted the interview, said: “It’s a big deal: yes, the ABBAs are officially back together.”

The presentation came after the groupAnne Fred Langstad., 75, Agantha Faltskog., 71, Alvius, 76, and Anderson, 74 – announced on Twitter last week: “Thanks for waiting, the journey is about to begin.”

Swedish pop icons announced that they would return to the studio in 2018, saying: “The four of us felt that, after almost 35 years, it would be fun to rejoin the army and go to the recording studio.”

He mentioned five new songs, “I Still Believe You” and “Don’t Stop Me”, both played in London on Thursday.

‘Sensational return’

The musicians also described the process of transforming into a digital avatar using hologram technology for a new show starting in London next year.

He described how he was photographed in a leopard to create an avatar for a new show called “ABBA Wise” near the presentation venue at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. Will be performed in a theater.

The show will feature 22 songs, mostly group hit classics, and will run for an hour and a half, the musicians said.

Swedish author Carl Magnus Palm, who has written several books about the group, told AFP early Thursday that the project had been delayed due to epidemics and technical issues with avatars.

He said the avatars would be more sophisticated than ever, as seen in the hologram shows of singers like Whitney Houston.

“It’s going to look more lifelong and they’ll look like they did in 1979,” he said.

The group broke up in 1982, by which time the couple had divorced.

Despite the enduring popularity of his music, he avoided reunions, including a hit album in 1992, the musical “Mama Mia” and later films starring Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan.

“There is no incentive to reorganize. Money is not an element and we want people to remember us as we were.

According to Celebrity Networth, each member of Abba costs between -3 200-300 million. In 2000, he turned down a 1 billion offer to tour the 100 Show World.

“He’s very wealthy, so I don’t think it’s because of the money,” Pam said of his return.

“I think they’re really excited about the prospect.”



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