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According to national broadcaster SVT, at least 13 children in Sweden have suffered side effects from hormone therapy while receiving treatment for gender dysmorphia.

in a report published On Wednesday Swedish broadcaster SVT revealed that doctors at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm had discontinued new hormone treatments for children diagnosed with gender dysmorphia in May. “possible side effects.”

The hospital noted in the new guidelines that the treatments are controversial and lack scientific support. Data regarding the extent of side effects and the number of children affected were not made public.

After an internal review by the hospital, the SVT conducted its own investigation. He says that so far a total of 13 children have been injured in some way or the other due to the treatment received in the hospital. One child, Leo, started treatment with hormone blockers when he was just 11 years old. About five years later, Leo is diagnosed with osteoporosis and doctors record changes in his vertebrae. Its development has also been severely stunted.

“Injuries that have been caused by our treatment are clearly our responsibility,” Svante Norgren, head of Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital at Karolinska University Hospital, told the national broadcaster.

Other injuries that may result from treatment include suspected liver damage and severe deterioration of mental health. One child was also diagnosed with decreased bone density two years after receiving hormone blockers.

The hospital said it was not aware that 13 children were injured by their treatment. “We are two separate units. The Children’s Hospital handles the pediatric part – investigations and psychiatric follow-up is on the KID team [Gender Identity Investigations of Children and Adolescents], Norgren said.

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