September 20, 2021

Suspected Cathedral arsonist kills Catholic priest in France

Authorities say a Rwandan refugee suspected of setting a church on fire in the French city of Nantes last year, which killed a Catholic priest in western France.

The attack immediately sparked a new line of immigration between the right and the government less than a year before the presidential election, where the issue is widely expected.

Father Olivier Mayer, 60, was killed in the Montfortance religious community in the town of Saint-Laurent-sur-Severe, where he lived and where the accused was sheltered.

French police.
French police cars parked where a 60-year-old French Catholic priest was killed in Saint-Laurent-sur-Severs, western France. Photo: AFP / Sebastian Salem-Gomes

Yannick Le Guterres, deputy prosecutor for La Roche Soor Yun, said there was no clear motive for terrorism in the case.

He said Abesenga gave Gendarmes the key to the room where Mayer’s body was found.

Interior Minister Gerald Dormann called the killing “regrettable” on Twitter and said he was heading to the scene.

French police.
A French police car pulls out of the area where a 60-year-old French Catholic priest was killed in Saint-Laurent-sur-Severs, western France. Photo: AFP / Sebastian Salem-Gomes

Sources close to the investigation said that a man had earlier gone to the police in the town of Mortgini Sovereign and announced that he had killed a priest. The source added that the man was under judicial control over the July 2020 fire at Nantes Cathedral.

Nantes Church.
Cathedral in Nantes burned down in July 2020: Photo: AFP / Sebastian Salem Gomes

Sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the pastor had been welcoming the man to his church for months. He appears to have been shot dead, although an autopsy will now be performed.

Abyssinia has admitted to being behind a fire in a church that intimidated France.

He was initially arrested before being released on judicial custody. He was being treated at a psychiatric hospital but left the facility in late July after nearly a month of treatment.

Lee Pan
“You can be an illegal immigrant, you can set a church on fire, you can’t get out and then you can kill a pastor and defend yourself again,” Lee said.

Sources close to the investigation said that at the end of Monday, the judicial control of the suspect “did not match his health condition” and he was re-admitted to the hospital.

The far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who accuses the government of weakening immigration, has seized the murder, saying that in France “you can be an illegal immigrant, you can set a church on fire” Can’t get out and then kill and defend again. Pastor. “

Darmanin immediately accused her of “building a pavilion without knowing the facts” and said the man could not be deported from France as long as he was under judicial control.

Immigration is poised to become a major issue when Le Pen challenges Central President Emmanuel Macron to the presidency next year.

France is on high alert for the threat of attacks on churches after a Tunisian extremist Islamist killed three people at a church in Nice last October. However, sources close to the investigation insisted that the killing had nothing to do with terrorism.

Macron expressed his deepest sympathies with his religious community, Montfortens, while Jean Costak expressed his “deep frustration” and his “deep sympathy,” his office said.

The Nantes fire came 15 months after a devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which raised questions about security threats to other historic churches across France. This man volunteered at Nantes Church.

Although firefighters managed to contain the fire and save the main structure after only two hours, its most famous organ dating back to 1621, which survived the bombing of the French Revolution and World War II, was destroyed.

A work by 19th-century artist Jean-Hapolite Flandrein and stained glass windows containing 16th-century glass remnants also lost invaluable artifacts and paintings. Repairs will take many years.

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