September 20, 2021

Susanna Reid reveals she feels ‘a little weird’ between Pierce Morgan and ITV owners after off-stand

Susanna Reid has revealed that she feels “a bit strange” as she is caught between Pierce Morgan and ITV owners after the off-stand.

The telestar left the ITV show in March after a heated debate over the mental health of the Duchess of Sussex.

Susanna Reid said she felt


Susanna Reid said she felt “a little embarrassed” in the middle.

Pierce Morgan left GMB in March.


Pierce Morgan left GMB in March.

Offcom ruled that it was

Mega agency.

Offcom ruled that it was “entitled” to say that it did not believe Meghan Markle had mental health problems at GMB in March.

On Good Morning UK, Susanna said she felt “weird” being stuck in the middle of a complaint.

He revealed this morning: “What impressed me about the off-work decision, on the one hand, I got my friend Pierce Morgan, and on the other hand, I met my bosses on ITV.

“So it’s a little weird for me right now.”

Susanna then confirmed ITV’s decision that Pierce would not return to the show – but when asked if she was “ruined”, the presenter simply said: “It was a great moment, wasn’t it?” “

Pierce, 56, fled after accusing Meghan of lying to Oprah Winfrey when she said she had previously committed suicide.

Meghan, 40, and Harry, 36, have personally filed a complaint against Pierce with ITV and Offcom for their outrage.

But yesterday, Media Watchdog announced that Pierce was in favor of sharing his views on TV.

The regulator said it was “entitled” to say it did not believe Sussex’s claims, and that limiting its strong views would be an “unnecessary and chilling restriction on freedom of expression.”

Shortly after the verdict, Pierce shared his happiness on Twitter – even jokingly asking for his job back.

He posted: “I am pleased that Offcom has reaffirmed its right to reject the fiery claims of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of Oprah Winfrey, many of whom have been proven false.

“It’s a great victory for free speech and a great defeat for Princess Pinocchio. Will I get my job back?”

Pierre’s voice about Meghan’s television interview with Oprah saw a record number of off-work complaints.

More than 57,000 cases were registered against him, the highest number in a decade.

That was double the number received in response to Diversity’s Black Live Meter performances on the UK’s Got Talent in October last year – the biggest complaint about the 2020 TV moment.

Offcom soon launched an investigation into the GMB incident under the “Damage and Crime Act.”

He considered Pierce’s rejected comments during the show about Meghan’s claims of having mental health problems.

She even claimed that she could not believe that she had given up the feeling of suicide.

It comes as

  • Pierce Morgan praised the “watershed moment” for his free speech on the Meghan Markle GMB front and insisted: “I still don’t believe it.”
  • The presenter called Meghan a ‘thorny actress’ and a ‘notable liar’ after winning the AFCM
  • “Should I take my job back?” Pierce asks. ‘Cold’ attack on Meghan Markle’s free speech on ‘Princess Pinocchio’.
  • Meghan will be ‘absolutely anxious’ as Pierce wins off work on a ‘false’ blast and will ‘talk to lawyers’
  • Pierce’s former GMB teammate Susanna Reid broke the silence on her off-job victory over Meghan.

In the interview, Meghan described how the royal life became unbearable and that she “did not want to live anymore.”

The Duchess of Sussex said she begged for help but was told she would not be able to do so because it would not be good for the organization.

But Pierce had no sympathy for the pregnant monarchy at the time and was angry at the ITV breakfast show: “Who did you go to? What did they tell you?”

“I don’t believe a word she said, Meghan Markle. I wouldn’t believe the weather report if she read it.

“The fact is that he has attacked our royal family.

The other day when he commented – Pierce announced that he would not return to the show after criticizing his colleague Alex Bryford’s monologue for Meghan’s continued attacks.

Freedom of expression

A statement issued by Ofcom yesterday said: “This interview became important international news and we acknowledge that it was legitimate and in the public interest for ITV to have discussions involving observers such as Mr Morgan. To be broadcast, including truth, timing and possible allegations

“In line with the right to freedom of expression, broadcasters can offer strong views on the issue, including those that cast doubt on the claims.

It is clear that, according to Freedom of Expression, Mr. Morgan was entitled to say no to the allegations made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and to have strong views and expressions that strongly challenge his account. Has the right to

“The code allows individuals to express strongly and strongly debated ideas, including those that are potentially harmful or highly aggressive, and allows broadcasters to include them in their programming.

“Restrictions on such views, in our view, would be an unnecessary and chilling restriction on the freedom of expression of both broadcasters and listeners.”

I couldn’t believe that Meghan Markle was looking stronger day by day. And for the record, I still don’t believe it.

Pierce Morgan

A spokesman for Offcom added: “It was a well-balanced decision. Mr Morgan’s comments were potentially hurtful and offensive to viewers, and we acknowledge the public reaction to them.

“But we also took full account of freedom of expression.

“Under our rules, broadcasters can include controversial views as part of a legitimate debate in the public interest, and the fierce challenge to Mr Morgan by other partners provided an important context for the audience.

“However, we have reminded ITV to focus more on material that discusses mental health and suicide in the future.

“ITV may consider the use of timely warnings or ensure signing of support services so that viewers can be properly protected.”

Pierce attacked Meghan during a line about good morning from Britain in March.

8000 pixels.

Pierce attacked Meghan during a line about good morning from Britain in March.

He said he did not believe Sussex's claims in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.


He said he did not believe Sussex’s claims in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Royal biographer Angela Lyon believes the Duchess will be

Getty – Pool

Royal biographer Angela Lyon believes the Duchess will be “absolutely alive.”

“I don’t believe a word he said in response to Meghan Markle’s suicidal thoughts,” said Pierce Morgan.

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