October 25, 2021

Susan Aitken responded to the claim that the streets of Glasgow were being cleared for Joe Biden but not for the public.

Susan Aitken said Glasgow is not being cleared for the COP 26 summit in November alone.

In the first two weeks of November. World Leaders including US President Joe Biden, the Pope and the Queen will be in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Summit.

Prior to the summit, the condition of Glasgow’s roads and its overall cleanliness was highlighted.

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Glasgow City Leader. Council Labor leader Malcolm Cunningham asked, “Why do they believe that cleaning the streets of the city is acceptable to Joe Biden, but not Joe or Josephine Public?”

Glasgow Times:

Councilor Aitken dismissed the claim, saying there was a clean-up plan for the COP but also a restoration plan for the council’s services, including clean-up, which continued long after the departure of world leaders. Will

Councilor Aitken said: “I don’t think so. The roads should be clean for our own citizens and not just for celebrations.

Glasgow Times:

“We have an operational plan for COP that includes cleaning. For the past 18 months, our services have been limited to hygiene and sharing.

“We are tackling this with more staff and a new fleet and creating a new back shift, not just for the COP but for all citizens. It will continue for a long time after the COP ends.

Councilor Kuning told her that public satisfaction with the cleaning services had waned, with half the people happy with the reduced service.

Glasgow Times:

He cited a council domestic survey, which he described as “completely unsatisfactory”.

He said he found that “when the administration came to power, 48% of the cleanup was less than 78%.”

Councilor Aitken said it was not a surprise.

“I am not surprised that people are expressing dissatisfaction,” he said.

“It has had an impact in the last 18 months. We cannot pretend that the last 18 months have not happened.

“People are fed up with the effects of this epidemic, which was enough for them.”

There was a “recovery process,” he added.

“It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s about finding better solutions to long-standing challenges. I’m sure residents will start to see this difference in the coming months,” he said.

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