September 17, 2021

Susan Aitken insisted that 30 30 billion could be raised to replace Glasgow.

Susan Aitken has claimed that 30 30 billion could be raised to replace Glasgow, even though the city’s entertainment venues are closed due to a lack of cash.

Of Council The leader insisted that there was enough money to fund the River Clyde Renewal Project, which would provide green energy to about half a glass of wine by 2030.

His comments come at a time when libraries and sports centers such as the Central Council are closed due to black holes in the treasury.

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In an interview with STV, Keller Aitken also called the city’s renewable record “regrettable” and dismissed claims that the streets were “dirty.”

“We’re just starting to work on the feasibility,” he said. “We have some funding from the Scottish Government, although the Clyde Mission.

Glasgow Times: Locations across the city remain closed. Places across the city are closed.

The time scale is until 2030

When asked where the money is coming from when there is not enough cash to keep the city’s recreational areas open, he said: “That’s what we’re working on. That’s what cities and governments have to do.

It is a combination of national government, private finances and millions of pension funds. World. There is a lot of money in the world. trust me.

When asked how much the Scottish Government would supply, Keller Aitken said: “It’s not a question for me to answer.”

Glasgow Times:

During the interview, the SNP leader also insisted that despite repeated criticism of the condition of the roads, the city only needed “spurs up as we get out of the quaid.”

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“I’m not sure the roads are dirty,” he said. “I think there are patches that are troubling, I think there are patches that need to be targeted, but the issues I’m looking at are with commercial waste, most of which are not the responsibility of the council. ۔

“But we need to invest in implementation to target it.”

Responding to Cllr Aitken’s claims, Glasgow Labor leader Malcolm Cunningham said: “These are fraudulent comments by Susan Aitken.

Glasgow’s roads are in dire straits as a direct result of the SNP’s decline.

“Dedicated teams of refusing workers and the people of our city deserve better.

“Glasgow needs leadership that puts the city first.”

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