October 25, 2021

Surprising photos show ‘violent thugs’ attacking McGill’s buses.

Shocking images show damage caused by “violent thugs” attacking buses traveling in Paisley.

We previously reported that McGill’s 752/26A services were pulled from the town’s Leo Street / Shortroads area when Jobs attacked staff and customers.

Two McGill vehicles were targeted Wednesday night. One of the two was a brand new zero emission electric bus that had only been on the road for two days.

Glasgow Times:

Thousands of pounds have been lost.

Shocking images have surfaced, as well as a statement from Colin Napier, the group’s director of operations, targeting “violent thugs.”

Glasgow Times:

He said: “Several attacks on our buses in the Paisley area of ​​Mohabbat Street / Shortroads this week left us with no choice but to suspend bus service from 6pm to 752/26A.

“Withdrawal of services is a last resort, as we believe it will affect innocent members of the community, but we must make the safety of our staff and customers a priority.

“Our team has worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to keep our services safe and on the road, so that their well-being is not jeopardized by these violent thugs.

We share every attack with CCTV police. Scotland To ensure that the allegations are suppressed, I urge anyone who observes such attacks to call 101.

Glasgow Times:

Police chiefs confirmed that they were investigating the attacks and called the behavior “completely unacceptable.”

Sergeant Kevin Carter of the Paisley Police Station said: “We are investigating whether several buses were severely damaged in the vandalism that occurred over the past week, particularly in the Paisley area of ​​Low Street. Is.

“We know that the bus company has had to temporarily withdraw services on safety grounds pending repairs, and thousands of pounds have been lost.

“This is completely unacceptable behavior and puts members of the public at risk of injury as well as the loss of their local bus service.

“We are working with local partners on several lines of inquiry to identify and track down those involved, and we are stepping up patrols in the area.”

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