September 18, 2021

Surprising Moment Girl, 16, ‘lost her fingernail’ at Reading Festival after getting stuck in an obstacle during ‘Mosh pit’

It’s a shocking moment when a 16-year-old man at the Reading Festival says he lost part of his finger while preparing to watch Rapper H’s set.

The girl was “conscious and out” because her finger was hanging between two fences in the mouse hole.

He posted a video explaining how he lost part of his finger.


He posted a video explaining how he lost part of his finger.Credit: Tucktuck.

A viral tick tock video shows a girl in a white bucket hat getting into some trouble.

The security team then stepped in to get the young woman out of the crowd.

The girl, who claimed to have suffered a lost finger wound, then explained in the footage what happened to her tick-tock account.

In the video, he wrote: “So my friend and I went to the Reading Festival and waited for an hour and a half, and as time approached, more people started coming in.

“As soon as Uch came on stage, it became a big mush pit and we got stuck in the back of the mush pit.

“As soon as it was made, I hit the fence and when I looked down, my finger was wrapped between the two fences.

“A lot of people were trying to break the fence and free my finger and I didn’t feel any pain because of the adrenaline as it was happening.

“I was conscious and out there and unconscious all the time.”

Summer added: “Before the boy started recording, I had just fainted.

“I didn’t really remember fainting as I walked towards the stage.”

The teen then showed a pixel image of his finger wrapped in medical gauze.

He added: “This is when the pain started and I felt like I had a panic attack that lasted for two hours.

I was sent to the hospital for an X-ray, the tip of my finger went down and it broke. It will take a few months for it to fully recover.

Reading Festival and Ambulance have been contacted for comment.

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