October 18, 2021

Sunny Lee explained why she had cold feet when she met Justin Bieber.

Sunny Lee explains why she got cold feet when Haley Bieber invited her to meet Justin at the 2021 Met Gala

Sunny Lee, a gymnastics superstar, is known for having ice water in her veins, but when it comes to meeting a “cold water” singer, she suddenly has cold feet.

An 18-year-old gymnast who won a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics was interviewed on Thursday, September 30. The Alan de Janeiro Show.. During the chat, Sunny Lee revealed that one of the benefits of increasing her fame due to her whirlpool is meeting celebrities at the 2021 Met Gala.

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“I met Rihanna, I met Haley Bieber – oh, my God, I love her.” Dancing with the stars The Season 30 contestant was recalled to host Alan DeGeneres. “I spoke to him, and I was trembling, and I was like, ‘Hello, I’m listening.’ And then I was telling her how I was dancing with Justin BieberWait‘For my first Dancing with the stars. And it’s like, ‘You have to tell him.’ And I’m like, ‘OK.’

سنی لی۔
Sunny Lee with her dance partner in Season 30 of Dancing With Stars / Instagram.

Although Sunny responded positively to Haley, she eventually failed to bring herself to meet Justin Bieber. “Then when I got the chance to meet him, I was so scared,” said the athlete with a big smile. “I was like, ‘I’m not doing this.’ ‘

He forced an astonished Allen to explain, “Didn’t you go to him and say hello?” And Sunni replied, “No, I was very scared.” Allen confirmed to Sunni that the 27-year-old Grammy winner is a sweetheart and will have to meet him sometime. Sunny Lee then revealed that meeting Justin was a priority on her bucket list.

“I hope so too, because my sister and I, when we were little, had her posters and her blankets, and there were kiss marks with red lipstick on the posters,” Sunny admitted. “So Justin, if you’re looking, forget I said that.” “Yes, I want to meet him,” he added.

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Olympian, who reopened college at Auburn University, Alabama earlier this year, is excited about his education. When his school press interviewed him. Auburn Tigers.A Minnesota native described it as a “win-win situation”.

سنیسا لی۔
Listened at Auburn University, Alabama / Instagram.

“I have to take advantage of this opportunity,” Sunni said Friday, August 13. “No one has done it before. I want to help him become a face and help other people in the future so that they can go to college and still make money. I think it’s a win-win situation.” ۔

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