September 21, 2021

Sturgeon will set up the SNP program for the government today.

Nicola Sturgeon will outline the Scottish Government’s plans for the next session of Parliament today.

The first minister will unveil the program for the government today when the MSPs return to Holliday after the summer holidays.

The program will include some of the policies that the SNP and Greens agreed to join the government.

She is also expected to announce her intention to hold a second independence referendum after the end of the epidemic.

It was confirmed yesterday that Sturgeon Green would appoint Patrick Harvey and Lorna Slater as ministers.

Glasgow becomes MSP, Harvey, Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenant Rights, works with Housing Secretary and Net Zero Secretary.

While Slater is to be Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, he is working with the Secretary of Finance and Economy and the Secretary of Net Zero.

The SNP said the new parliamentary term was an opportunity to build a “fair, green and free Scotland”.

Opposition MSPs have said the government should deal with the climate emergency and not push for another referendum.

SNPMSP Neil Gray said: “The new parliamentary session may be in its infancy, but our return from the summer holidays provides an opportunity to make it better, greener and more independent. Scotland.

“The SNP has already signed a landmark agreement with the Scottish Greens to co-operate in the Hollywood Chamber. In the same spirit, and while deep divisions will continue on some issues, Consensus must be sought for good as we seek recovery in Scotland.

Our Scottish Parliament is built on the basic principles of working together and cooperating, and we must all come together for the future of Scotland.

“As we recover from the epidemic, we can focus on creating good, green jobs to help us move fairly. We can build a social security system for the people of Scotland. Gone, not against them. And we can give the people of Scotland a choice of their future in the independence referendum.

Meanwhile, the new Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole Hamilton said: “Scotland desperately needs new hope but the Greens have now signed up to support the SNP at every turn, Scotland is now in a stalemate.

We need to deal with the climate emergency vigorously but without the tools of nationalism. The planet does not have time for a new nationalist alliance to draw us to all the divisive constitutional arguments of the past.

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