October 27, 2021

Strictly speaking, it takes two live.

“The story they tell is very dangerous.”

Strictly anti-wax dancers said that not having a job is ‘killing people’ when a man loses his parents and brother to a coward.

Francis Goncalves lost his brother, Saul, 40, father Basel, 70, and mother Charmagan, 65, within a week of catching the virus at a family dinner.

Frances, 43, condemned the tough dancers’ decision.

He threatened: “It’s very harmful when you have people who can affect millions of people who are taking this position.

“They are making decisions without looking at the facts.

“It’s such a selfish attitude and it’s very irresponsible.

“These people think the world revolves around them.

“The story they tell is very dangerous and it’s killing people.”

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