October 20, 2021

Strictly Dancing 2021 Latest – Robert Web Shows As Jima Atkinson Forced To Deny Katie McGlynn’s Crack.

Consolation Prize (Continued…)

Otti, 31, and Ogo, 38, laughed as Reylan tried to soften the blow: “Instead, I stayed last night and I thought I’d make you something good,” he told the dancing couple.

Yugo was then given a ‘Rock of Yugo’ made of wool for a large stone, some fountain eyes and hair.

Strictly dancing fans were left in hysterics in the scenes, although now many people are urging Dwayne to contact the owners strictly.

One tweeted: “The funniest thing I’ve ever seen in ages. Hook, line and hybrid!”

Another added: “TheRock you have to send them a video right now @ ugomonye @ OtiMabuse !!”

The third wrote: “Rylan is absolutely cruel! But so, so funny! Unfortunate Yugo!”

And the fourth pleaded: “TheRock please reach out to them! # Welcome.”

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