October 27, 2021

Strictly ‘banning parties’ of stars can ruin the show as a coveted epidemic.

The stars have reportedly been “banned” from attending parties amid fears that the show could ruin the show.

Of Mirror Claimants have been told to avoid attending major events to avoid catching the virus.

Tom Fletcher came back hard this week after catching Cowade.


Tom Fletcher came back hard this week after catching Cowade.Credit: BBC

This came as Tom Fletcher made a sensational return to the show after a week-long break after a positive test during a tour with McFly.

An insider of the show told the newspaper: “Paranoia is revolving around BBC studios – everyone is afraid of getting coveted and wasting their chances.

“They are advised to avoid big events or parties.

“Producers have been very clear that health and safety come first, which means competitors had to stop painting the city red, as was the custom in previous years.”

Earlier this month, we revealed how at least three dancers refused to be vaccinated, but the owners never commented on the claims.

They now face a dilemma as to what to do after the quarter-finals if a contestant becomes a coward.

Currently, anyone who tests positive must leave the BBC1 contest for a week.

But under the rules, this would mean that any pair that reached the quarterfinals but then caught the virus would automatically be eliminated from the semifinals.

And it strictly allows producers to either go straight to the finals – or force them to leave.

A stern spokesman said: “We do not comment on speculation about the status of anyone’s COVID vaccination.

“Strictly follow strict government and industry guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone on the dance production show.”

Strictly Shirley Balas praised Dan Walker despite the list of mistakes on the dance floor.

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