October 17, 2021

Strict dance singing and dance routines preceded the BBC live show.

Strictly 2021 took the class to the ballroom. For their first routine Saturday and we are already ready for the second week.

The BBC has just revealed what each of our famous couples will dance to, whether it’s Latin or ballroom this weekend.

The show has also released what melodies our favorite personalities will perform.

From floating Foxturts to stressful tangos, we can’t wait to see how our tough couple will burn down the dance floor this week.

This week will see the first Charleston of the competition and the couple’s favorite dance.

McFly’s Tom and his partner Amy won’t dance. Later this week, the couple had a positive experience for Coved.

The BBC has confirmed that the couple is isolating themselves under official protocol and will return in three weeks.

This week’s hard songs and dances.

AJ and Kai.

AJ and Kai will start their ballroom after performing an energetic geo last week.

The couple will dance the Foxstroat through Amy Winehouse to dry their own tears.

Judy and Graziano.

When Judy and Graziano hit the floor on Saturday night, they would be dancing a Sasi Simba.

She chose to dance her samba to engage with Sean Paul.

Katie and Gorky.

Katie and Gorky will perform a live bio after the pair performed a steamy tango last week.

The Olivia Rodrigo duo is dancing on the pop hit Good 4U.

Nina and Neil.

When Nina and Neil go to the ballroom strictly on Saturday, will I lie to you in that song? By Eurythmics.

Last week, the couple scored 24 runs with their spicy samba.

Roses and life.

Rose and Giovanni shocked fans when Chief Judge Shirley awarded his Taylor Swift just one four.

The pair are hoping to impress the judges with The Gibson Brothers’ Cuban Salsa song.

Glasgow Times: Run for the first installment of Straight Come Dancing 2021 in AJ Ododo and Kai Woodrington costumes.  Credit: PAAJ Odo and Kai Woodrington run for the first installment of Strictly Come Dancing 2021 in costume. Credit: PA

Tali and Nikita.

Tully and Nikita will dance on Charleston before the show on Saturday night.

They have chosen to dance to the song. This is my baby from Firehouse Five Plus Two.

Sarah and Alja.

Last week, Sarah and Aljas came under the Elder Board with just 17 points for their uncle.

The pair will be hoping to redeem themselves with a sophistication this week. Foxstrout for Cass Elliott’s classic song Dream A Little Dream of Me.

John and Johannes.

John and Johannes blew the audience last week when their tango scored 30 out of 40 in the first week.

The pair will be hoping to be in the top three with their uncle this week.

They will perform the song Starstreak year after year.

Adam and the hut.

Adam and Katia also surprised the judges who came second with their CC Cha last week.

When they go to the dance floor on Saturday, they will find the top spot with their quick steps.

The duo will dance on the RU Guna B My Girl via jet.

Glasgow Times: Running for the first installment of Strictly Come Dancing 2021 in duo Leo and Graziano de Prema.  Credit: PAJudy Liu and Graziano Di Prema dress up for the first installment of Strictly Come Dancing 2021. Credit: PA

Rice and Nancy.

Rice and Nancy did not disappoint with their Venice Waltz last week.

On Saturday, he will try to climb the leaderboard with his uncle.

Those songs will be dancing at Reach Out, I’ll be there by human nature.

Dean and Nadia.

Dean and Nadia’s mock newsreader QuickStip gave them a stunning 24 on Saturday.

The pair are hoping to impress the judges again with a passionate pass double.

The duo has chosen to dance to Calvin Harris and Raga None Boneman’s song Dev.

Glasgow Times: John White and Johannes Radeby run for the first installment of Strictly Come Dancing 2021 in costume.  Credit: PARun for the first installment of Strictly Come Dancing 2021 while John White and Johannes Radibi dress up. Credit: PA

Greg and Karen.

Greg and Karen will perform Strictly’s first couple’s Choice Season.

That first song of the season, If You Can Read My Mind, will be performed by Ultra, Amber, by Jocelyn Enriquez.

Robert and Diane.

When Robert and Diane will compete in tango on Saturday’s show.

The pair will try to improve on last week’s uncle who saw them in the bottom three with 20 points.

The pair’s tango la compresita will be performed by Machiko Ozawa.

Ogo and Oti.

This week, Yugo and Oti will dance on the Quick Stop.

The pair are fighting to get away from the bottom of the leader board when their Simba scored just 18 points with the judges.

She has chosen to dance to her quick step on The GeoS’s song Bering Me Sunshine.

You can stay up to date with all of them. Strict celebrities and professional dancers on social media.

And you can. Get to know all the contestants this year. In our profiles

Strong dancing continues on BBC One on Saturday 2 October at 7pm.

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