September 28, 2021

Stream, TV Channel, Kick Off Time and Team News for today’s Premier League.

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Come to Sunsport Family, everyone is welcome until your hands are washed and sanitized.

I must admit, as fans of the beautiful game, since the beginning of June, we have been really bad this summer.

First, there was the euro, which ran alongside the Copa America. Shortly afterwards, Olympic football came into play.

And then exactly one week later, the first game of the 2021/22 Premier League season was underway where we saw the new boys Brent Ford humiliate Arsenal on the first day.

Since then, nothing but drama has happened in the division and I am expecting a lot of fun with this game which has been recorded this afternoon.

  • Jordan Henderson vs. Giorgione
  • Mo Salah vs. Thiago Silva
  • Virgil Van Dyk vs. Romelu Lukaku.
  • Jurgen Klopp vs. Thomas Tachel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today our live blog will be the coverage of 5x Premier League winners Chelsea who will face 5x Champions League winners Liverpool at the home of Cope End, commonly known as Anfield.

Both the teams have made a great start to the season by winning their first two matches and scored five goals in two matches without giving any answer.

Talk the same.

Jجنrgen Klopp’s men comfortably beat Norway 3-0 on the first day of the match and inflicted a sword on Burnley last weekend.

As far as the European champions are concerned, they are two-on-two in the Premier League games and the London Derby this season as both their victories have come against the irony of London teams Crystal Palace and Arsenal.

What makes this game so appealing is that both clubs are on top to advance to the third round of fixtures, however, someone’s 100% record for starting the campaign is due to end this evening.

Coming straight up we have all the latest gossip, injury news and of course, the highly anticipated start lineup before the sub-kick off which is scheduled for 17:30 UK.

How else would you like to spend your Saturday afternoon besides tuneing in?

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