September 20, 2021

‘Stranger Things’ Producer Sean Levy Teases Season 4 ‘Epic’

Things have been quiet recently with “Stranger Things” Season 4, as production continues in Atlanta, Georgia. But executive producer Sean Levy and actor Joe Kerry can guarantee that the Netflix series will be worth the wait.

Fans are still expecting an exciting announcement about the show, especially since its release date, when the first teaser was released in February 2020. Even longer.

But one thing fans can wait for is when the show will return, and that will be massive. “Stranger Things Season 4 is a lot more epic than the first three,” Levy said.

“It gets me in trouble every time I open my mouth,” he joked at first. ETRachel Smith met with him and Kerry at the New York premiere of “Free Guy” on Tuesday.

“The reason it takes a minute is that yes, code-coded protocols that keep us safe but slow us down بلکہ it’s also the most ambitious, epic, world-wide plot ever.” Levy added.