September 20, 2021

Strange 8-legged baby dies just minutes after birth, images go viral

In a strange incident in India, a baby goat was born last week with eight legs and two hips. Pictures of the animal quickly went viral on social media.

The incident took place in a house in the eastern state of West Bengal with several cows and goats as pets. At home, a goat gave birth to two cubs, one of which was normal, while the other had eight legs and two hips. The unusual looking goat died just minutes after birth. India Today Reported

News of the creature’s birth spread rapidly around the village, and locals flocked to see the animal.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen one. About five minutes after its birth, the baby goat died. However, the mother and the other baby are fine,” said the animal’s owner. .

This is not the first time that animals in India have given birth to babies with unusual physical characteristics.

In April, a goat with a human-like face was born in the state of Gujarat. At the time, pictures and videos of the changing creatures surfaced on social media, showing the goat with strange facial features. The goat had four legs and two ears, but the rest of its body was like a human. He had parts of his forehead, eyes, mouth and beard that looked similar to humans. The animal lived only 10 minutes after birth. The locals worshiped the goat by offering flowers before burying it.

In September 2017, a mutated goat was born in the southern Chinese city with notoriety. The goat was born with big eyes and strong lips. According to media reports, the goat was suffering from a deadly disorder called cyclopia at the time, which was due to a failure in the development of the forehead and nose area.

Image of a typical goat. Photo: AFP / Robin Beck

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