September 18, 2021

Storm kills at least 68 in Germany, Belgium

Heavy rains and flooding caused by torrential rains and flooding in Western Europe on Thursday killed at least 59 people in Germany and nine in Belgium and left many more missing.

In Germany, which is facing one of the worst weather disasters since World War II, frustrated residents sought refuge on rooftops as rescue helicopters hovered over them.

European hurricane damage
Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malo Dreyer said: “We’ve never seen such a catastrophe, it’s really devastating.” Photo: AFP / Sacha Scherman

Extreme levels of rainfall overundated neighboring Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

During a visit to Washington, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the flood victims were “heartbroken”.

“I am afraid that in the time to come we will see only the full extent of the catastrophe,” he said. He added that the government was “doing its best to help people in distress”.

Hagen floods Germany
Roads in Hagen, West Germany, were flooded when heavy rains lashed parts of Western Europe. Photo: AFP / INA Fass Bender

Speaking to Merkel at a joint news conference, US President Joe Biden offered “heartfelt condolences to the American people on the catastrophic loss of life and property.”

In the worst-affected areas, about 15,000 members of the German emergency services, police and army were on the ground.

Pensioner Annemarie Mرller, 65, looked at her flooded garden and garage from her balcony and said her hometown of Maine was not ready for complete destruction.

Floods in Belgium
The Belgian city was flooded after heavy rains. Photo: AFPTV / Kalyan Fakau

“Where did all this rain come from? It’s crazy,” he told AFP, recalling floodwaters in his street at night.

“It made so much noise and it told us how fast it came down. We thought it would break down the door.”

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Prime Minister Armin Laschitt, who is running for Merkel’s victory in the September election, visited Bavaria to survey the damage in his German state’s most populous city. I canceled the party meeting.

Floods in Belgium
At least four people have been reported killed in Belgium. Photo: AFP / Extreme Days

“We will stand by the cities and those affected,” Labertchit, who is wearing rubber boots, told reporters in the town of Hagen.

He called for “intensifying” global efforts to combat climate change, highlighting the link between global warming and extreme weather.

European floods
Climate change raises flood risk from heavy rains Photo: AFP / Francis Nassambini

Because a warmer climate has more water, climate change increases the risk and severity of flooding from heavy rainfall.

Floods in Belgium
Residents in Belgium were told to relocate from the Messe River. Photo: Belga / Extreme Daheis

The North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Ministry recovered four more bodies, bringing the number to at least 31 in the region, while the neighboring Rhineland-Palatinate said 19 people were killed in the area around the western town of Ahruvilar alone. Is likely.

There were unaccounted for accounts of about 1,100 people in the devastated Ahwellar district, although local officials say a large number of phone networks have been damaged.

Fifteen people were reported killed in NRW’s Escarcan district, while four more were found in the municipality of Shields, south of Bonn, where six houses were swept away by the floods.

Storms in Germany
Photo of severe storms in Germany: AFP / Matthias Bolmeier

Several other bodies have been recovered from flood sailors in the region.

RINELAND – The Environment Ministry in Palatine has warned that floodwaters from the Rhine and Moselle rivers will rain with more rain.

In NRW and the Rhineland-Palatinate, about 200,000 households were without electricity.

Police set up a crisis hotline to report missing loved ones and residents were asked to send videos and photos that could help locate them.

Jینrgen Fحhler, a regional official in Ahvuler, urged people to stay indoors and, if possible, move to higher floors.

The German military has deployed about 400 troops to help with relief efforts in the two affected states.

In the city of Leverkusen, a power outage caused by the storm evacuated a hospital with 468 patients.

Belgium has also seen several days of heavy rains that have caused rivers to burst their banks in the French-speaking region of Wallonia. Four were reported killed.

The provinces of Lage and Namur were particularly affected, with the resort town of Spa completely flooded.

Lage residents were told Thursday to evacuate the neighborhoods near the banks of the Muse River.

The daily Le Sawer reported in the town of Chaudhanten that about 1,100 people had to be evacuated.

The country’s infrastructural rail network said it was suspending services in the southern half of the country due to travel hazards.

Meanwhile, Dutch safety workers have evacuated hundreds of homes in the southern town of Romerwood, in the province of Limburg.

Thousands of people are being urged to evacuate, especially in the provincial capital, Maastricht.

Several municipalities in Limburg have already declared an emergency evacuation.

The Luxembourg government set up a crisis cell to respond to an emergency caused by overnight torrential rains when Prime Minister Xavier Beatle said “several houses” had been flooded and “no more.” Were not settled.

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