October 17, 2021

Stellen Petrov named the Celtic captain, as McGregor reminded him.

CELTIC legend Stiliyan Petrov says current Hoops captain Callum McGregor has the same characteristics as the former Legend Park head captain.

Bulgaria was part of many successes. بھوئے۔ In his eight years Park Head.

Colm McGregor was named Celtic captain this season by manager Ang Postikoglu.


Colm McGregor was named Celtic captain this season by manager Ange Postikoglu.Credit: Kenneth Ramsay

He has won three Scottish Cups and three League Cups on four occasions, along with the Hopes.

So Petrov knows a thing or two about successful Celtic squads and their captains.

Addressing Celtic Way, He was quick to draw similarities between the latest vice-captain, McGregor, and Jackie McNamara.

“Paul Lambert was very demanding as captain,” he said.

“Neil Lennon was the one and he made it clear on the pitch what he expected. Tom Boyd was different again but I was the best captain of my career, Jackie McNamara.

“It simply came to our notice then. He wasn’t screaming or gesturing, but in reality I think the character was taken more seriously than anyone would have realized from an external point of view.

“He was a caring man. He knew his colleagues well. Because of that he knew when things were off or when someone needed an arm around his shoulder. He talked to people quietly. He could and did know how to make them feel better. A lot of people don’t see things that way.

“I find it very relaxing which makes the people around you calm but it is not confusing not to expect high quality. He has a different way of trying to get to this point. Was

“He was never the guy who complained, Jackie. He was never behind the people. He led for example, played wherever he was asked and gave his all for the team and the players Respected them.

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“I think it’s the same with the column. You see his potential and his humility about it.

“He is ready to do what he does for the good of the team and I think it really sets a positive example for everyone. You know he can see that the team is bigger than anything. Is.

Petrov advised McGregor to make the most of his midfield partner, David Turnbull, as he advises the former. Mother Well. Man is a regular scorer.

The next step, former Celtic boss Neil Lenin, named the amazing country in which he wanted to work.

“Sometimes I think he wastes some of his energy in areas he doesn’t need, but that’s what comes with experience.

“He has a bit of experience around him in the column and it’s important that he keeps listening. If he pays attention to what people are advising him to do, he has the potential to be a real goal scoring midfielder. Is. “

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