Stacy Solomon shows off amazing playroom transformation

STACEY Solomon shared with fans inside her stunning playroom transformation for baby Rose.

The mom-of-four showed off her adorable features, including a bargain purchase from Ikea on her Instastories.

Stacey beamed as she showed fans her new game room.

Rex Was Over The Moon In His New Neighborhood, Which Stacey Shared With Fans.


Rex was over the moon in his new neighborhood, which Stacey shared with fans.

Stacey, 32, proudly showed off her newly renovated playground for her little ones.

It included Ikea’s cute £50 Flisat children’s table, perfect for holding their art.

The centerpiece is a TeePee with a garland and a pink and white garland – £52 on Etsy.

The rug matched well with the floor mat so that little Rose could spend time on her tummy with her mom.

Stacey got a gray Miffy play mat with tiny white bunnies that looked easy to clean for £100 from Gus and Bo.

Meanwhile, Stacy shared a touching video of the moment she reunited with her son Rex after a week of working away from home.

In the emotional video, a two-year-old was seen running into her mom’s arms, as Stacey, 32, described it as “the longest week ever.”

Last week, Stacey revealed she was leaving fiancé Joe Swash in charge of Layton, Zach and Rex at Pickle Cottage while taking Rose to work herself.

Posting a video of her comeback, Stacey told her followers, “Finally home. It was the longest week without them. But that’s all for them in the end.

“I spent all of yesterday trying to hang out with the big boys before going back to school today.”

She later added: “It’s so nice to lie on the couch at home… I know it’s only been a few days, but it felt like centuries had passed. Today I’m going to sort out my life and do some housework.

Loose Women star Stacey recently revealed she would be filming the second series of her BBC show Take Your Life Out, but didn’t say what she’s up to now.

In addition to her television work, the former X Factor contestant has a clothing line called In The Style.

Stacey, who recently reached five million followers on Instagram, is also well known for sharing her home makeup secrets and tips.

She welcomed her daughter Rose last October and returned to work just three months later.

Rex Was In His Element With The Ball Pit


Rex was in his element with the ball pit

She Got A Tent From Etsy


She got a tent from Etsy

The Compact Table Cost £50 From Ikea.


The compact table cost £50 from Ikea.

Loose Woman Had A Rose Last October


Loose Woman had a Rose last October

Stacy Left Her Boys At Home With Jo

Stacey, who is engaged to Joe Swash, has four children.

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