September 22, 2021

Stacey Solomon reveals an incredible تبدیلی 63 kitchen transformation with marble worktops and gold details.

Stacey Solomon revealed her amazing £ 63 kitchen transformation yesterday.

The queen of home tricks and tips has given the room a new lease of life with nothing but paint, marble effect vinyl and new door handles.

Stacey Solomon's decorated kitchen looks great.


Stacey Solomon’s decorated kitchen looks great.
In just one day, he changed his tired style.


In just one day, he changed his tired style.

Showing the whole process on his Instagram account, he wrote: “All I have to do is cover the worktops, paint the cupboards and put the shelves on top.”

“I honestly can’t believe it.”

This is the latest in a long list of home improvements that Stacey and Joe Sosh have done before their daughter was born.

The mother is told that she can give birth in just a few days as she tries to finish the renovation in the pucca cottage.

He revealed on social media that his baby bomb had been “dropped” before his utilities, kitchens and living rooms were destroyed.

Stacey, 31, suggested that her birth could be closer to what fans thought, as she explained that her flowering collision had significantly decreased.

Standing in her pajamas and filming with her stomach bent, the loose woman panelist said she felt her baby had really fallen.

“In other news, I think she’s fallen down recently, which makes me nervous,” Stacey began the video. “I don’t want it to end.”

Telling fans she was going into “nesting mode”, she revealed that her dream home still has “a lot of stuff” in it, called a cooked cottage.

Looking at his collision, he addressed his child, adding: “I just need to wait until you finish the utility, the kitchen and the front room.”

She joked that she was hoping that her “little pickle” was just “resting in her vagina because it’s comfortable and not because she wants to appear anytime soon”.

Before she shared her child’s latest update, Stacey showed the family tidying up the utility room as well as the small kitchen for the boys.

The star is approaching its due date, which is considered late September.


The star is approaching its due date, which is considered late September.Credit: Instagram

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