October 18, 2021

St. Rollox Church in Sighthill receives new artwork

An award-winning sculptor has created artwork for the Glasgow Church using concrete crosses.

Authoritative Assembly, this work contains 33 different versions of the Christian cross, representing each year of Jesus’ life before His crucifixion.

This piece is attached to the wall outside St. Rolex Church in Seattle, Glasgow.

Glasgow Times: Photo: The new artwork has 33 styles of cross-credit: Church of ScotlandPhoto: There are 33 styles of cross-credit in the new artwork: Church of Scotland.

It was created by Michael Wesucci, who won a commission of ion 45,000, after which a jury presided over the church minister, Rev. Jane Hewitt.

The 44-year-old visual artist said it took him two years to make the cross, which is influenced by a variety of Christian traditions such as Coptic, Byzantine, Catholicism and Presbyterianism.

This piece includes St. Andrew’s Cross, Iona Cross, Manx Cross from Isle of Man and Hasta Cross, which is two and a half meters long.

Glasgow Times: Photo: Glasgow School of Art graduate and sculptor Michael Vuichi Credit: Church of Scotland:Photo: Glasgow School of Art graduate and sculptor Michael Vuichi Credit: Church of Scotland:

Wesucci, who works at Glenn Prosson in Angus, said: “This work is called an assembly and the idea is that each cross represents the diversity of the people who go to St. Rolex Church.”

St. Rolex Church of Scotland is one of the most diverse churches in the world, and its outreach project has sheltered asylum seekers and refugees from war-torn countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Glasgow Times: Photo: Sculptor Michael Wesucci at work Credit: Church of Scotland.Photo: Sculptor Michael Wesucci at work Credit: Church of Scotland.

The artist added: “I always hope that this kind of artwork means something to the people and the community who commissioned it and maybe it will affect education and sermons over the years.”

“This piece bears a resemblance to a flock of migratory birds, referring to the distance that the congregation has come to settle in Glasgow.

“So, there’s a poetic element to it, as St. Rolex Church plays an important role in the community’s outreach, and I hope this piece reflects that.”

Wesucci is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and, in 2007, was the youngest artist to be selected for the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture.

Glasgow Times: Photo: Rev. Jane Hewitt Minister of the Church of St. Rolex Church in Southall Credit: Church of ScotlandPhoto: Rev. Jane Hewitt Church Minister of St. Rolex Church in Southall Credit: Church of Scotland

Ms Hott said the work was a “beautiful thing”.

He added: “Michael is fast becoming a popular sculptor and I think anyone interested in modern sculpture will find their way to St. Rolex to appreciate his work.

“I think it’s going to be an important part of the work within art. World In time. ”

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