September 21, 2021

St. John Stone’s boss, Col. Davidson, insisted that St. Ali McCain and Jason Kerr could not stop the transfer.

Colm Davidson insisted that St John Stone could not block Ali McCain and Jason Kerr from going to England.

McDiarmid Park was the gaffer. Ready to lose two of their best players in the last hours of Tuesday’s transfer window.

Colm Davidson believes St. Johnstone had no choice but to sell.


Colm Davidson believes St. Johnstone had no choice but to sell.
Ali McCain left for a fee of 1.2 million euros.


Ali McCain left for a fee of 1.2 million euros.

Together they went in front of £ 1.8 million, which angered the audience. Club leaders are reluctant to reassure him that a لیے 2m deal could be added to McCain’s contract.

Davidson had to dive into the market in the last hours, borrowing from St. Mary’s Camie McPherson and Brighton’s Lars Dendonker.

But despite the chaos and frustration of the last day, the saint’s boss thinks he did the right thing by allowing his captain and star man to go south.

He said: “I was probably a little disappointed to lose Ali because of the nature of the time.

“But it’s football.

“Both boys wanted to go. It was a life-changing activity.

“People will say we could have stopped Ali for another window but you can’t choose when the opportunity arises.

If there were no deals, there would be no deals.

“They are big for the club.

“I’m sure they will go for bigger and better things.

“I spoke clearly to Ali and he was anxious to leave.

“Both players really liked it in St. Johnstone and that made it difficult for them to get out.

“But they knew it was a big deal for both of them in terms of football.

“The timing was unfortunate because we had no contact with the clubs until the last day of the window.

“With Ali, I was just about to go home. I thought it wasn’t going to happen – it was late at night.

Jason Kerr leaves the scene for Wagon.


Jason Kerr leaves the scene for Wagon.

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“I didn’t think I’d let her out of the window last night.

“Ultimately, such decisions are made with money.

“We have had a cowardly condition for 18 months. It’s about getting it right for the club and the players.

“And in terms of football, it was right for both boys.

“It shows what a club like St. John’s Stone can do.

“There are two players who have come through our academy – both from boys’ clubs here, albeit at different ages.

“They were both talented but raw.

“We gave them a chance to come and play and they understood the opportunity.

“There’s a message for good young players – come to St. John’s Stone and you’ll have a chance.

“Liam Craig and Steven McLane were telling some of our boys yesterday to look at Ali and Jason as examples of what you can achieve.

“I want Jason to play for Scotland and Ali to have a great career.

The Saints rejected Preston’s two bids before accepting a third for McCain, but Davidson insists his old club did not bully him into selling him.

And in McFarnson, he pulled a player he wanted before the Northern Ireland midfielder’s departure was safe.

He said: “It’s not like we’ve been bullied, but it’s a classic case of a big club that comes with a big bid at the end of the window.

“You see it happening somewhere else.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“But obviously, as a manager, it doesn’t give me much time.

“All I can say is that I would still go to Camie McPherson even if it was a few weeks ago.

Ian Maxwell says Wrightman Scotland boss Steve Clarke is doing a “great job” and the SFA was right to give him a new contract.

“I’m sure he’s a top young player. I’ve been watching this for a while now.

“I could do other things, though.

“You talk to other managers and they will tell you that this is their worst nightmare when a big club comes for one of your players.

“It’s something I’ve learned now!

“It’s probably the first time this has happened to us – the last day before the deadline.

“Jason came to us from Tyne Castle Boys as a raw, young central midfielder and he left as captain of the double-winning team.

“It’s all his credit as a person. He’s a great player and a professional.

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St. John Stone’s boss column Davidson slipped from the top of the Hampden dressing room after Perth’s impossible cup double.

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