September 22, 2021

St. Enoch Center launches competition for green Glasgow business.

A competition has been launched by a Glasgow shopping center that provides free retail space to a lucky eco-friendly business.

The St. Enoch Center has set aside retail space for the Glasgow-based company, which has enduring credentials so that it can display its goods before COP26, which will take place in November.

The winner will receive a month’s free shopping space at the center this October – the ideal time to attract buyers before Christmas.

In addition, they will be able to market their products and reach a wider audience from the shopping center, as well as under the patronage of COP26 ‘One Step Greener’ Ambassador and Sarah Thompson, Founder of The Wrist Side Collective.

Glasgow Times:

The competition, which runs from today until September 12, is open to any business that has sustainable or environmentally friendly credentials.

Interested business owners are asked to create a short pitch, either via email or a short video of more than two minutes, explaining their business and product and how they can benefit from winning the prize. Will

The competition is being organized in collaboration with Circular Glasgow, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and The Wrist Side Collective.

Anne Ledgerwood, Center Director of the St. Enoch Center, said: “The St. Enoch Center has a long and proud tradition of working to support the environment, and we look forward to another sustainable business in our growing retail space this fall. Welcome and looking forward to helping.

“Our competition with Circular Glasgow and The Wrist Side Collective is an exciting opportunity for businesses to grow in interest and thrive in the heart of Glasgow.”

Sarah Thompson, founder of The Clydeside Collective, said: “As COP26’s ambassador, I am dedicated to tackling climate change.

“The St. Enoch Center’s commitment to sustainability is second to none, and I can’t think of a better foundation for the growth and development of the Clyside Collective.

“I am just happy to be in a position to help my winner of the next competition. Stage Of their journey. ”

Allison Macri, senior director of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, added: “Glasgow is a city known for its innovation, its expertise in many industries and of course trade.

“We are delighted to partner with the St. Enoch Center and The Wrist Side Collective on this wonderful occasion, which we hope will help grow another circular economy business within this great Glasgow retail center.”

More information about the competition can be found here. Here.

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