October 27, 2021

‘Speedo Diplomacy’: Climate campaigner who swims through icebergs.

The Ilulissat Glacier has formed icebergs that are more than a kilometer long, including the legend that sank the Titanic.

In addition to feeding legends, it feeds the Alloyset Ice Fjord in Greenland, and it is on the face of this fjord that Lewis Pig completed a terrifying swim in September to take meaningful action on the climate crisis.

Pig, a tolerant swimmer and patron of the United Nations at sea, completed the 7.8km swim on September 7. During 12 days, it experienced a water temperature of between 0 and 3 degrees. His attempt was thwarted by iceberg and brush ice, which silenced Fajord.

“It’s like running on a motorway. Except for dodging cars, I’m drowning in 0 ° C icebergs.”

Wearing only Speedo, she had to constantly monitor her body temperature due to the risk of hypothermia.

He created the Pig, born in Plymouth, the first person to complete a multi-day swim in the polar regions. He used hot water bottles and hot chocolate to warm up after stains in the water and described swimming as the most difficult challenge of his career.

I want everyone to know what’s going on here in the Arctic.

“We depend on ice for our survival,” he said. “Snow keeps our planet cold enough for us to live in. But we’re losing it fast. Neither snow, nor life.

“We’ve seen a lot of natural disasters this year – from forest fires in Greece to food in Germany, severe blizzards in Texas. But I also want everyone to know what’s happening here in the Arctic. Is.

Pigs will visit the COP26 conference in November to demand that 30 percent of the world’s oceans be protected as marine protected areas by 2030.

Photo: Calvin Trottman

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