September 20, 2021

Speed ​​limit of 20 miles per hour announced for eight East Intermediate schools

Infrastructure Minister Nicola Mullen today (Thursday) announced the end of the program in 106 schools in Northern Ireland.

The list includes St. Nicholas Primary School, Menorca Drive and Eden Primary School, Lauren Road, both Carrick Ferguson and Glenn Primary School, Main Road, Glenn, Lorne.

Meanwhile, the scheme will be launched at Glingormelli High School, Ballclayer Road, Corn Money, Glengermelle in New Town. Kings Park Primary School, Kings Drive, New Townby. New Townby India Christian School, Ballyclair Road Abbots Cross Primary School, Doug Road, New Townby and White House Primary School, Doug Road, New Townby

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East Antrum Ulster Unionist MLA Rai Begus, who lobbied the minister for a safety upgrade, said: “Slowing down reduces the chances of an accident and the severity of the injuries should be. I welcome the announcement that some more local schools have to get a 20mph mark during school opening and closing to reduce traffic speeds.

New road signs will be erected in each school in the form of standard fixed speed limit round signs with flashing amber lights which will be applicable at the current low speed limit.

Mr Beggs added: “While this is the announcement of Phase II, I hope it will not be too long when other local schools, especially those with busy traffic routes or speed limits They will also receive upgrades to improve road safety. Children go to and from school. “

Announcing this, the Minister said: “Road safety, especially around our schools, is my priority and it is my intention to increase the number of roads outside the doors of many more schools to 20 miles per hour through future programs. There will be speed.

“For Phase 2, schools in Northern Ireland were reviewed in our four road divisions and schools in each division were identified based on need and individual site constraints. And these schools are working hard to implement this new installment of part-time 20mph speed limit measures.

“This is another step in our efforts to make our roads safer. However, it is important that all road users take care of our roads. Together we can provide safe places for all our communities.”

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