October 22, 2021

Spectators were stunned to see Britney’s meteor lines blazing in the skies.


French scientists have confirmed that a glowing ball of light that hit Britney’s sky late Sunday and landed hard was in fact a meteor.

The spectacle can also be seen in Normandy, southern England and the Channel Islands – eyewitnesses described a “sudden daylight” that followed an explosion.

Social media networks were flooded with photos and footage of the event, which took place on Sunday at 23:47 French time (21:47 GMT).

“I saw the meteor with its trail, a shooting star is seen very, very closely,” Manon Choket, a resident of Brest, Breton, told AFP.

“The light from the meteor was so bright with the green reflection it was brilliant.”

One of the most inspiring videos caught on webcam. Port of Arzel. Near Venice

Dozens of testimonies.

With camera footage in Normandy and Brittany, and dozens of French testimonies were examined. رسکل In the Skywatch project, experts were able to calculate the speed of the meteor.

The bully has more than 100 cameras across France, which scan the 360-degree sky from both day and night.

“The meteor came from the south, crossed the carnival, passed through the ornament of the Morelix and then completed its course in the channel,” said Priscilla Abraham, a scientist. Places of science The Rains Center, which works with the Freepon project, told AFP.

The size of the meteorite, however, was not immediately clear – although some members of the astronomy club in the UK speculated that it could be as small as a pea.

Explaining the confusion over scientific terms, Ibrahim said that once a meteor hits the ground, it is called a “meteor”.

He also said that if you are lucky enough, such events can be celebrated all year round.


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