Spanish metal workers end strike after wage hike deal

Metal workers in the southern Spanish province of Cádiz are returning to work after trade unions reached a wage settlement with employers

MADRID – Trade unions representing metalworkers in southern Spain’s Cádiz province called off a nine-day strike and workers began returning to their jobs on Thursday after striking a wage settlement with employers.

The agreement still needs to be approved by workers, who will vote in a ballot on Friday. Details of the deal were not immediately made public.

The open-ended strike began on 16 November, with street protests turning violent at times as riot police clashed with strikers and their supporters.

The workers demanded a wage hike in line with the rising inflation rate, which stood at 5.5% in October. During this, the salary of many people has stopped.

Hundreds of jobs have also been lost in the province of Cádiz, which has an unemployment rate of 23%, one of Spain’s highest.

Most of the employment in the metallurgical sector of the province is in shipbuilding. Cadiz, a city of 116,000 people on the coast near the Strait of Gibraltar, is a blue-collar city with deep-rooted trade unions.


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