September 23, 2021

SNP and Tory disagree on Glasgow’s vulnerability plan

The Glasgow Tory councilor has been told it will not be as effective as raising “shameful” wages after proposing planned financial support for the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

As of October 31, members of the City Council’s administration committee have agreed to pay a low-income epidemic of 130 130 to more than 96,000 people.

More than 8 1.8 million in services will be provided in Glasgow to provide more assistance to extremely vulnerable citizens and to tackle epidemic-related poverty, especially for people with disabilities, single-parent families and women affected by domestic violence.

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When he agreed to support additional funding, Conservative Councilor Robert Conley said a report had been submitted. Council Failed to recognize the impact of such schemes on the labor market.

He said that the increase in wages is the best way to support the family instead of maintaining emergency measures indefinitely.

Keller Conley said: “I would note that the claims made in this report fail to acknowledge the implications of the furlough scheme on our labor market.

Glasgow Times: Councilor Robert Conley.Councilor Robert Conley.

“Wage growth is now growing much faster than inflation, and at the end of June, the average weekly income rose to 8.8 percent from a year earlier.

“This is the most read since the record began. I believe that raising wages is the best way to rehabilitate families and the economy, rather than sustaining emergency measures, which cannot last indefinitely.”

This angered SNP councilors who said after the meeting that the Tories in Glasgow had shown a “surprising disregard” for the city’s most disadvantaged people.

Glasgow City Treasurer Ricky Bell said: “It’s a shame that any city councilor can defend this horrific act of oppression.

“A certain generation of glass vegans were terrified when, in the dark days of the early 1980s, Norman Tibet warned the unemployed to get on their bikes and look for work.

“Now, Councilor Conley is telling people that we are facing difficulties at a very difficult time in our modern age. History Just to solve yourself. He should cover his head with shame.

SNP councilor Jane Leiden, who shares a ward with Keller Conley, said: “Bridgeton and Dilmerk are some of the highest levels of poverty in our city and they have experienced some of the worst effects of epidemics. ۔

“Supporting the UK government, which is adding 20 20 to universal credit and cutting pensions, shows how much respect it has for its constituencies.

“People on the East End can see the true colors of the Tories. They own it.”

In response, Keller Conley said his comments on the wage increase were related to the ONS wage figures and the Bank of England’s analysis of unemployment, and were made with reference to the Furlo scheme and nothing more.

And he said: “This is the special thing about the SNP. They will spend their time attacking the conservatives instead of standing up for the people of Glasgow.

“If they are so dedicated to standing up for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, perhaps these councilors can tell their constituencies why they have taken money from pensioners and shut down vital services. They are in front of their employers in Edinburgh.” Failing to stand up and demand a proper funding deal for our council.

Glasgow Times: Color Ricky Bell.Color Ricky Bell.

“As we recover from the epidemic, it is imperative that we bring glass vegans back to well-paying jobs instead of spending time in council committees discussing British government policy.

“The biggest threat to Scotland’s welfare system is the SNP, which is not using the welfare powers it has and is not realizing its dream of independence, which is 36 36 billion in our finances. Will leave a black hole. ”

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