October 20, 2021

Smoke at the Tachel international break, transfer to Holland, Liverpool v Man City reaction.

Frank: The world knows we are.

The world is finally finding out who Brent Ford is, says Thomas Frank Duncan Wright writes..

The Bees held Liverpool to a 2-1 draw in West Ham today to move up to seventh in the Premier League.

And Boss Frank said the West London club’s rise to the top flight is more than just a good story.

Credit: AP

He said: “Outside the Premier League, out of London, out of the UK – everyone in the world, they don’t even know how to pronounce us.

“They don’t know us. So we need to show it on the pitch.

“I know the quality of Liverpool and West Ham and I am playing them. It is noteworthy to get four points from these games.

Brent Ford now has 12 points from his first seven matches, and even the always-positive Dean has been pushed back a bit by how well his team is performing.

He added: “I have always been honest so I have great faith in the team and the players and I was convinced that we could do something in the Premier League.

“From the beginning, I knew we would be defensively strong and we would be brave. But the point – that’s too much.

“It’s well deserved. Statistics or expected goals or nothing, that’s what I’m seeing with my own eyes. It’s definitely deserved.

“Before we scored, my assistant said it would be a good point, but I said I thought we could go ahead and win. And we did.”

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