September 21, 2021

Smile at the rehearsal after Cheryl’s brother’s homelessness was revealed.

Cheryl may or may not get the news that her brother Andrew Tweedy is living on the streets. If he did, he made sure not to show it when he went out after rehearsals in London.

The former girls were loud singers when they left the studio after a nine-hour dance rehearsal. Images From the sun He looked happy and calm. She is said to have been rehearsing her number one hit “Fight for the Love” with six dancers before her performance at the Ghalib Hopla Festival on Saturday.

The 38-year-old is living a good life, but her brother doesn’t seem to be. He recently revealed that he has been living in a tent for months and begging for a handout on the streets. He allegedly did not speak to his sister for several years when he paid her 20,000 for drug rehabilitation. He now drinks very strong beer until at 7:00 am he was photographed surrounded by an empty beer can.

“I’ve been living like this. I’ve been begging here for over three months and it really broke my heart,” Andrew told the publication.

“I am very proud. The family I have met should not be here. He also admits that his famous sister does not know that she is living on the streets.

“None of them contacted me. Even though Cheryl is not helping me, she is still my family. She may not even know I’m on the streets. I don’t blame her at all. The 41-year-old shared.

Andrew revealed that he was forced to take to the streets and beg for money after he broke up with his girlfriend earlier this year. He said he had been “working for two years, scaffolding and merchandising” but “things fell apart with the partner he was living with.” He said he is now waiting for temporary council accommodation, far from Sheryl, who lives in a 5 5 million pad in Hertz.

Cheryl Cole attends # GAME4GRENFELL on Loftus Road in London, England on September 2, 2017. The charity football match has been set up to benefit those affected by the Grenfell Tower accident.

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